Neuro Workshop: How to write your neuroimaging data management plan in 15 minutes


The Neuro is pleased to announce the first workshop in a new series, Open Science Best Practices.

In the Best Practices series, we will present tried and tested solutions to common problems. In addition to live workshops, we will produce easy-to-follow guides and more. In the first workshop, we will help labs create data management plans (DMPs). Contrary to their reputation, DMPs can be quick and easy to create, and can save you a lot of time throughout the lifecycle of a project. Alisa Rod is McGill’s expert on DMPs and offers regular training on this subject.

This workshop will provide attendees with practical tips and examples on how to write a data management plan for PIs, labs members, and research support staff. We will demo an online interactive tool, Portage DMP Assistant, which has built in templates particular to Neuroimaging, and other domains. Attendees will also have a chance to discuss discipline-specific issues related to planning for the management of data actively during the research process and for long-term archival purposes.

Note: The same material will be covered in both sessions of the workshop. 

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