Killam Seminar Series: Spatial and Single Cell Genomics for Next Generation Neuroscience

Tuesday, May 16, 2023 16:00to17:00
Montreal Neurological Institute De Grandpré Communications Centre, 3801 rue University, Montreal, QC, H3A 2B4, CA

Evan Macosko

Assistant Professor, Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, USA
Principal investigator, Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research , Broad Institute, USA

Bio: Evan Macosko is an institute member at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, where he directs a lab located in the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research. He is also an associate professor and attending psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital. He and his lab invent and apply genomics technology to the study of brain diseases. Recently, his lab developed Slide-seq, a tool for localizing the expression of all genes in situ. They are applying this technology — together with high-throughput single-cell analysis — to uncover pathogenic mechanisms of neuropsychiatric diseases. Macosko is also a recipient of a Merkin Institute Fellowship.

Macosko received an A.B. in chemistry from Harvard College, and his M.D. from Weill Cornell Medical College. He earned a Ph.D. from The Rockefeller University in the lab of Cori Bargmann, where he characterized neural circuitry responsible for C. elegans social behavior. He completed residency training in psychiatry at McLean and Massachusetts General Hospitals. As a postdoctoral fellow with Steven McCarroll, he developed Drop-seq, a technology for measuring gene expression in thousands of individual cells at once.

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Supported by the generosity of the Killam Trusts, the MNI's Killam Seminar Series invites outstanding guest speakers whose research is of interest to the scientific community at the MNI and McGill University.

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