Researchers at The Neuro are world leaders in cellular and molecular neuroscience, brain imaging, cognitive neuroscience and the study and treatment of neurological diseases and disorders. Here are their stories.


Lesley Fellows is NeuroXXceptional

9 Feb 2018

"I am interested in complex problems and I’m impatient"

Birgit Frauscher: I choose The Neuro

13 Nov 2017

Dr. Birgit Frauscher is an Austrian neurologist specializing in epilepsy and sleep medicine, who is an attending epileptologist and Associate Professor of Neurology at The Neuro.

Austen Milnerwood: I choose The Neuro

13 Nov 2017

Austen Milnerwood’s research centers on cell biological, electrophysiological and optical investigation of neural development, connectivity, transmission and plasticity.

Nathan Spreng: I choose The Neuro

13 Nov 2017

Nathan Spreng is studying how brain networks support various cognitive processes such as remembering information, and how we use this knowledge to influence our decisions.

Madeleine Sharp: I choose The Neuro

13 Nov 2017

Dr. Madeleine Sharp is a neurologist specializing in movements disorders. Her research focuses on understanding the cognitive mechanisms that underlie the cognitive dysfunction in patients with...

La Fondation des Jumelles Coudé: Advancing Research into Rare Disease

30 Oct 2017

Since its creation, the foundation has distributed over one million dollars in donations to support the research of Dr. Guy Rouleau

Getting Parkin going again

11 Apr 2017

A Q and A with Matthew Tang, postdoctoral researcher

Peroxisomes: the hybrid organelle

24 Feb 2017

Like the human body itself, cells have structures within them that perform special tasks. These cellular structures are called organelles, and discovering more about organelles is key to unlocking...


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