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Sabrina Burr helps patients find the answers they are looking for

Sabrina Burr is the new medical librarian at the Neuro Patient Resource Centre. She helps patients with their questions about neurological disease and accessing care at The Neuro and across the healthcare system.

Tell us a little about yourself. What is your professional and academic background?

While completing a master’s in information studies from McGill University I had the chance and the privilege of having worked as a library assistant with [former Neuro librarian] Beany Peterson during the last year of my studies.

Over the past five years I continued working as a medical librarian. Before returning to The Neuro I was the library coordinator at the CanSupport resource centre at the Cedars Cancer Centre for four years.

What got you into the field?

I became interested in the field of libraries and patient resources while working at The Neuro’s patient resource centre from 2016 to 2017. I learned that the centre plays an important role in the hospital’s mission of providing excellent patient care. I discovered how the career of a librarian can be valuable, dynamic and inspiring. Because of this experience, I decided to follow a career in this field.

What do you like about your job?

What I especially like about my job is helping others.

I like helping patients and their families find reliable, up-to-date information that will meet their needs and answer their questions.

The entire team at the patient resource centre offers support to patients by helping them navigate their way across the health network, referring them to services both in hospitals and the community. The centre gives patients the tools to become active partners in their care, taking part in decisions that affect their health and wellbeing.

I also contribute to the professional development and training of master’s students, in the hopes of creating interest in this type of career. These students are essential to the proper functioning and service quality at the centre.

How has it been at The Neuro so far?

I really enjoy the work environment at The Neuro. Before starting I hadn’t been there for five years. I’m happy to see familiar faces in the hallways while also meeting new people along the way. There have been a lot of changes over the years, but the same unified community remains, of people always there to lend a hand.

I’ve already had a lot of good interactions with patients and family members. I get to know them and what they’re experiencing in order to better meet their needs.

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