Helen Fong receives the International DAISY Award

Helen Fong, RN, MSc.A received the International DAISY Award!

Congratulations to Helen Fong, RN, MSc.A who received the International DAISY Award from the World Federation of Neuroscience Nurses for her outstanding contribution the profession! In over 20 years at The Neuro, Helen has been a bedside clinical nurse in Neurosurgery, a clinical research coordinator and a research nurse to exceptional standards.

In addition to bedside care, she shared subspecialty knowledge as a clinical teacher at McGill, as well as a Nursing Professional Development Educator across all neuroscience units of the McGill University Health Centre, where she taught nurses highly specific skills and contributed to the development of protocols and standards of practice.

Building on the excellence of nursing care at The Neuro, Helen adapted the institution's existing neuroscience nursing training to an online format, and developed an on-site internship allowing nurses from across Canada to improve their skills. She also expanded the initiative in partnership with a neuroscience hospital in Shenzhen, China.

Throughout it all, Helen has consistently been recognized by her patients and peers for going above and beyond. We're incredibly proud of the caliber of care we can offer patients at the CRU.



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