Francis Boulva Memorial Fund: 2015 Report

Thanks to your generosity ($460,000 to date!) the dream of eradicating glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is now another step closer to becoming a reality


The Francis Boulva Fund was created just over five years ago, with the hope that eventually no family would have to endure the heartbreak of seeing their loved one succumb to glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) – the most aggressive form of brain cancer. Thanks to your generosity ($460,000 to date!) the dream of eradicating this disease is now another step closer to becoming a reality. Keep reading for an update on the exciting progress made over the last year.

The TARGiT Molecule – DRR 

  • Created by the TARGiT team, DRR is at the heart of current advances in brain cancer treatment. 
  • Using gene-silencing techniques, DRR levels in brain cancer cells can be reduced – leading to a halt of both the initial invasion of cancer cells into the brain, and their ability to regrow cancers after treatment! 
  • A new partnership with a prominent medical research and drug development firm means that animal testing will soon begin, paving the way for the first clinical trials for patients!

The Next Generation of Brain Cancer Treatment – Using Stem Cells to go Beyond GBM

  • Stem cells are one of the fundamental building blocks within the body. They divide and differentiate to become blood, muscle, or brain tissue, and unfortunately, sometimes they give rise to cancers. Current research suggests that brain cancer invasion is caused by these cancer stem cells. 
  • Thanks to advances in biology over the past few years, it has been determined that the normal DRR molecule regulates an entire network of cells, and in fact controls the ability of cancer stem cells to grow tumours.
  • Because of your incredible support of brain cancer research at The Neuro, we have been able to test other forms of gliomas and have found that all of the brain cancer causing stem cells use DRR. This means the therapies we are currently developing for GBM patients could help other brain cancer patients too!


More than $604,000 Raised for the Fight Against Brain Tumours

A gala fundraiser benefitting The Neuro – a Montreal first! The inaugural A Brilliant Night, chaired by Jacynthe Côté and emceed by Charles Tisseyre was held on October 21 st at the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium in Montreal. Nearly 650 guests were treated to a multi-sensory experience featuring two video installations exploring the fascinating universe of the brain, as well as culinary delights provided by some of Montreal’s top chefs and restaurants. The evening was both entertaining and educational, and truly celebrated the power of philanthropy in fighting this terrible disease as it raised more than $604,000 for brain tumour research.


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