Our team of experts

Giovanna Badia

giovanna.badia [at] mcgill.ca (Giovanna Badia)

Ask me about: Finding datasets, analyzing numeric and categorial data with Stata or R, producing better graphs, summarizing and critically appraising research for a literature review

giovanna.badia [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

april.colosimo [at] mcgill.ca (April Colosimo )

Ask me about: Concept mapping, impact measurements, e-learning

april.colosimo [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

Robin Desmeules

robin.desmeules [at] mcgill.ca (Robin Desmeules)

Ask me about: Metadata, linked data, OpenRefine

robin.desmeules [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

eamon.duffy [at] mcgill.ca (Eamon Duffy)

Ask me about: Primary sources for DH and digital scholarship

eamon.duffy [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

david.greene [at] mcgill.ca (David Greene)

Ask me about: Virtual reality, 3D printing, Citation Management Software

david.greene [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

sandy.hervieux [at] mcgill.ca (Sandy Hervieux)

Ask me about: Digital pedagogy, digital publishing with Scalar and Omeka, literary text analysis and encoding

sandy.hervieux [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

Kristen Howard

kristen.howard [at] mcgill.ca (Kristen Howard)

Ask me about: Text analysis with Voyant

kristen.howard [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

marcela.isuster [at] mcgill.ca (Marcela Isuster)

Coordinator, Digital Scholarship Hub

Ask me about: Digital pedagogy, digital publishing with Scalar, Omeka and other tools, text analysis, data mining without programming

marcela.isuster [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

Alex Kohn

alexandra.kohn [at] mcgill.ca (Alex Kohn)

Ask me about: Scholarly publishing, copyright, and author rights

alexandra.kohn [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

jessica.lange [at] mcgill.ca (Jessica Lange)

Ask me about: Scholarly publishing, Open Access, Author Rights, Open Educational Resources (OERs)/Open Texbooks

jessica.lange [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

Tara Mawhinney

tara.mawhinney [at] mcgill.ca (Tara Mawhinney)

Ask me about: Qualitative analysis with NVivo

tara.mawhinney [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

Dawn McKinnon

dawn.mckinnon [at] mcgill.ca (Dawn McKinnon)

Ask me about: Digital privacy

dawn.mckinnon [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

michael.david.miller [at] mcgill.ca (Michael David Miller)

Ask me about: Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikisource, and the Free Knowledge Mouvement

michael.david.miller [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

Martin Morris

martin.morris [at] mcgill.ca (Martin Morris)

Ask me about: Text analysis with R

martin.morris [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

sharon.rankin [at] mcgill.ca (Sharon Rankin)

Ask me about: TEI The Text Encoding Initiative

sharon.rankin [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

Alisa Rod

alisa.rod [at] mcgill.ca (Alisa Rod)

Ask me about: Research data management

alisa.rod [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

ana.rogers-butterworth [at] mcgill.ca (Ana Rogers-Butterworth )

Ask me about: Copyright

ana.rogers-butterworth [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

Nikki Tummon

nikki.tummon [at] mcgill.ca (Nikki Tummon)

Ask me about: Digital privacy

nikki.tummon [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

clara.turp [at] mcgill.ca (Clara Turp)

Ask me about: Text analysis with Python

clara.turp [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

amanda.wheatley [at] mcgill.ca (Amanda Wheatley)

Ask me about: AI, gamification

amanda.wheatley [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

jennifer.zhao [at] mcgill.ca (Jennifer (Cong Yan) Zhao)

Ask me about: VOSviewer, bibliometric analysis

jennifer.zhao [at] mcgill.ca (Request a consultation)

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