Eric McLean Collection

Collection description

Eric McLean was a Montreal newspaper critic, historian and pianist. Multi-media in scope and content, the Eric McLean collection consists of textual records, recordings, photographs, scores, musicological monographs and an extensive long-playing (LP) record collection of over 7,000 items.

Of particular significance is the concert diary inherited by McLean from Hugh Poynter Bell upon the latter’s retirement as music and art critic of the Montreal Star.  Handwritten and consisting of more than fifty pages, Bell’s diary constitutes a unique record of Montreal concert life during the period, 1923-1949.  Entries in Bell’s diary correspond directly to his concert reviews and as such underscore the importance of Montreal as a major North American musical centre throughout the first half of the twentieth century.

For more information, please consult The Archives of Hugh Poynter Bell & Eric McLean (1920-1980) or contact the Marvin Duchow Music Library, McGill University at music.library [at]

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