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Legislative, parliamentary and related information

  • CELEX. Search documents by CELEX documents: CELEX is the documentation system for EU documents produced by the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (EUR-OP). Also available through Justis, Lexis, or WestlaweCarswell. No longer updated, see the new EUR-Lex site. Similar to but more complete and with more advanced search facilities than EUR-Lex. Login name: enlu0000 Password: europe.
    • Legislation - Each legislative file has a bibliographic record attached, including information on the Treaty legal base, the proposal, legislation amended or repealed, date of entry into force and end date, cross-links to cited or related legislation, legislation implemented at the national level and links to other pertinent documents.
      • Treaties (founding and accession treaties).
      • Secondary legislation (passed and not yet in force, binding and non-binding: decisions, directives, regulations, etc).
      • International agreements (with non-member states or international organizations, also includes treaty instruments).
    • Preparatory acts. Since 1995. Includes documents published before legislation is passed: proposals, opinions, common positions, etc.
    • Parliamentary questions
      • Written and Oral
      • Questions at question time
    • European Court Reports
      • Court of Justice and Court of First Instance (since 1990)
      • Staff cases (since 1995)
  • Community Legal Acts - European Union McGill University. Definitions and comparisons between the acts created by different treaties.
  • EUR-Lex. Recommended. Portal to EU law.
  • EUR-Lex.
  • Guide for doing research on the EU (PDF) , find:
    • Case law
    • Judgements
    • Legislation, current (consolidated)
    • Legislation, unpassed or not yet in force
    • Legislation, past or present, without a reference to the OJ
    • Legislation, implemented at the national level
    • Policies, current only
    • Policies, past or present
    • Treaties
  • Indexes of Debates of the Plenary Sessions (PDF) European Parliament (1984-1999).
  • Legislative Interinstitutional procedures and associated publications - Detailed chart of each steps and associated publications for EU legislative procedures
  • Legislative Observatory (OEIL). Progress of proposed legislation either unpassed or concluded since July 1994. Summary with links to relevant documents. Similar to PreLex, but from the Parliament's point of view and with a summary of most documents. Provides info on all inter-institutional legislative, budgetary, assent and non-legislative consultation procedures. Expands on PreLex by including procedures relating to the Rules of Procedures, appointments, own-initiative reports of Parliament and resolutions on topical and urgent subjects.
  • N-Lex Portal to national legislation of the Member States of the European Union.
  • PreLex. Progress of proposed legislation. Timeline with links to relevant documents. Traces the path of all Commission proposals (legislative and budgetary dossiers, conclusions of international agreements, since 1975, full text since 1999) and communications from their transmission to the Council or the European Parliament right through to their adoption, rejection or withdrawal.
  • Proceedings of the Court of Justice. Objective summary of the Court of Justice decisions.
  • SCADPlus. Fact sheets summarizing EU legislation on specific topics.
  • The ABC of Community Law (PDF). Introduction to the EU legal order for non-lawyers.
  • Treaties and Treaty reforms of the EU McGill University. Overview of founding and accession treaties, dates and outcome.
  • Treaties on the EU. Complete and explanatory texts.

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