Help tools

Dictionaries and glossaries

  • Eurodicautom. Terminology and translation database. No longer updated.
  • Glossaries. European Commision. List of glossaries.
  • SCADPlus. Glossary on the integration, institutions and activities of the EU.


Guides and help tools

  • A to Z Index of European Union Websites. Delegation of the European Commission to the United States. Guide to information on all European Union websites and specialized agencies.
  • Citation Guide Selection from the Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities. Covers treaties, legislation and documents.
  • European Union Internet Resources. University of California Berkeley Library. Comprehensive guide on the EU institutions, documents and sites of interest.
  • Fact Sheets. Prepared by the European Parliament, these fact sheets cover the European Union, the internal market, common policies, the Economic and Monetary Union, etc.
  • Guide for doing research on the EU (PDF) How to find legislation (including policies), publications and statistics (including current and time series).

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