Indexes and full text

  • Archives of the European Integration. University of Pittsburgh. Research materials and official documents related to the unification and integration. Includes working, discussion, policy papers, small monographs, and electronic journal articles. The easiest way to find documents on a particular subject or policy areas is through the Browse function, then by selecting either Subject or EU Subject.
    • All Green Papers, White Papers and related preparatory or follow-up papers that could be identified up to 2000.
    • Documents on the development of the economic and monetary union from 1958 to the mid-1990s.
    • Anti-dumping and anti-countervailing activity reports.
    • Opinions, reports and studies relating to the first three enlargements.
    • Hard to find reports by eminent persons: Spaak, Dooge, Sutherland, Tindemans, etc.
  • Bulletin of the European Union. Full text since 1996. Official monthly record of events and policy actions for all the institutions. Each entry opens with a section headed "References" giving the full history of legislation in progress and eliminating the need to research back from issue to issue in order to reconstruct a documentary record.
  • Council of the EU; Documents. Portal to Council documents, adopted texts, COST database, presidency conclusions, etc.
  • ECLAS. European Commission Libraries Catalogue, links to online documents when available.
  • EU BookShop. Download PDF copies or order EU publications and Documents.
  • European Industrial Relations Observatory online (EIRO). European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions. Database containing articles, studies, annual reviews, analyses, etc. Since 1997.
  • European Union: A Bibliography. Prof. Osvaldo Croci, Memorial University of Newfoundland.
  • European Union Documents. Gateway to EU documents: legislation, activity reports, brochures, audio-visual material, internal documents, archives, etc.
  • General Report on the Activities of the European Union. Online since 1997. Overview of developments in all sectors of EU activity. It outlines the previous year's work. A useful guide to the status of legislation introduced or still in progress during the year covered by the report.
    • GovInfo: since 1997, call number: ZZ EMA G26
    • Law: since 1967, call number: DOCS E2
  • Green papers and White papers. Also check the Archives of the European Integration for green and white papers.
  • Guide for doing research on the EU - Full Text , find:
    • COM documents. Commission documents. Include proposals for legislation, broad policy documents and reports on the implementation of policy
    • EU publications
  • Official documents of the European Parliament.
  • Public Register. European Parliament. Only public domain documents are available full text. Others can be requested directly from the European Parliament.
  • Register of Documents. European Commission. Some documents are available full text. Internal documents may be requested directly from the Commission.

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