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514-398-4734 | hssl.library [at] (Email)

514-398-4734 | hsslloans.library [at] (Email)


Robin Canuel (currently on Sabbatical) 
Head Librarian
robin.canuel [at] (email) | 514-398-4698
Eamon Duffy (Acting Head Librarian)
Liaison Librarian for History, Classical Studies, and Government Information
eamon.duffy [at] (email) | 514-398-4697
Katherine Hanz
Liaison Librarian for the School of Information Studies
katherine.hanz [at] (email) | guides | 514-398-7644


Maggie Allan
Senior Library Clerk – Lending and Access
maggie.allen [at] (email) | 514-398-4749
Tatiana Bedjanian
Liaison Librarian for Russian & East European Studies, German Language & Literature, and Linguistics
tatiana.bedjanian [at] (email) | 514-398-7383
Justin Boudreau
Senior Library Clerk – Lending and Access
justin.boudreau [at] (email) | 514-398-4749
Barbara Craig
Senior Library Clerk – Lending and Access
barbara.craig [at] (email) | 514-398-4749
Carlo Della Motta
Lending & Access Services Supervisor
carlo.dellamotta [at] (email) | 514-398-4699
Henry DiBartolo
Computer Technician
henry.dibartolo [at] (email) | 514-398-4737
Jason Dupuis
Lending & Access Services Supervisor
jason.dupuis [at] (email) | 514-398-4699
Kristen Goodall
Senior Library Clerk – Lending and Access
kristen.goodall [at] (email) | 514-398-4749
David Greene
Liaison Librarian for the Department of Art History & Communication Studies, the School of Architecture, and the School of Urban Planning
david.greene [at] (email) | 514-398-5925
Sandy Hervieux
Liaison Librarian for Political Science, Philosophy and Religious Studies
sandy.hervieux [at] (email) | 514-398-1087

Francis Ialenti
Senior Library Clerk – Lending and Access
francis.ialenti [at] (email) | 514-398-4749

Marcela Y. Isuster
Liaison Librarian for Hispanic Studies, Education, Kinesiology & Physical Education, Children's & Young Adult Literature, Post-Secondary Education, Teacher Education, Teaching & Learning Services, and Italian Language & Literature.
marcela.isuster [at] (email) | guides | 514-398-4729
Emily Kingsland
Liaison Librarian for Educational & Counselling Psychology, Human Geography, and Psychology
emily.kingsland [at] (email) | guides |514-398-4782
Laura Kobayashi
Senior Library Clerk – Lending and Access
laura.kobayashi [at] (email) | 514-398-4749
Svetlana Kochkina
Special Projects and Liaison Librarian
svetlana.kochkina [at] (email) | (514) 398-7224
Daniel Lavigne
Senior Library Clerk – Lending and Access
daniel.lavigne3 [at] (email) | 514-398-4749
Edmund Lesniowski
Senior Library Clerk – Lending and Access
edmund.lesniowski [at] (email) | 514-398-4749
Pascal Marinier
Senior Library Clerk – Lending and Access
pascal.marinier [at] (email) | 514-398-4749
Jane McAslan
Senior Library Clerk – Lending and Access
jane.mcaslan [at] (email) | 514-398-4749
Michael David Miller
Liaison Librarian for French Language & Literature, Economics & International Development, Translation Studies, and Women's, Feminist & LGBTQ+ Studies
michael.david.miller [at] (email) | guides | 514-398-7440 | librarian profile page
Emeel Rahaman
Stacks Staff
emeel.rahaman [at] (email) | 514-398-4741
Brian Ramgattie
Stacks Staff
brian.ramgattie [at] (email) | 514-398-4741
Sharon Rankin
Liaison Librarian, Writing Centre
sharon.rankin [at] (email) | guides | 514-398-6657
Melissa Rivossechi
Liaison Librarian for Management, Business and Geospatial Data
melissa.rivosecchi [at] (email) | guides | 514-398-1713 | librarian profile page
John Sawaya
Lending & Access Services Supervisor
john.sawaya [at] (email) | 514-398-4699
Franco Taddeo
Senior Library Clerk – Lending and Access
franco.taddeo [at] (email) | 514-398-4749
Mary Tramdack
Senior Library Clerk – Lending and Access
mary.tramdack [at] (email) | 514-398-4749
Nikki Tummon (currently on Leave)
Liaison Librarian for Social Work, Anthropology, African Studies, Indigenous Studies, and Sociology
nicole.tummon [at] (email) | guides | 514-398-5727
Lonnie Weatherby
Liaison Librarian for English Language & Literature, Canadian Studies, and Comparative Literature & Translations
lonnie.weatherby [at] (email) | 514-398-5031
Amanda Wheatley
Liaison Librarian for Management and Business
amanda.wheatley [at] (email) | guides | 514-398-3921 | librarian profile page
Macy Zheng
Liaison Librarian for East Asian Studies
macy.zheng [at] (email) | 514-398-5550

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