Kristen Howard

Portrait of Kristen Howard in the McLennan Library

kristen.howard [at] 514-398-5550

McLennan Library Building
3459 McTavish Street
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0C9


  • Classical Studies
  • History
  • Indigenous Studies
  • Religious Studies

Liaison Librarian

I support the teaching, learning, and research needs of the students and faculty members in the department of History and Classical Studies, Indigenous Studies program, and the School of Religious Studies.


Master of Information Studies, McGill University, 2022

Ph.D., History, University of Arizona, 2020

M.A., History, University of Arizona, 2014

B.A., History, Washington State University, 2012

Areas of Interest

  • Information and archival literacy
  • Creative uses of special collections
  • Humanities researchers' use of digital surrogates
  • Library ethics and principles

Selected Publications

Sundberg, J. & Howard, K. (forthcoming). Crafting connections: Bridging collections and communities with knitting. RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Cultural Heritage, 25(1).

Howard, K. (2023). Digitization and exploitation: Acknowledging and addressing the use of exploitative prison labor by libraries and archivesThe Library Quarterly, 93(3).

Howard, K. (2023). Household and hospital: Negotiating social welfare and social discipline in Reformation Geneva. In T. Fehler & J. Thomley (Eds.), Do good unto all: Charity and poor relief across Christian Europe, 1400-1800 (pp. 171-89). Manchester University Press. 

Howard, K. (2020). "A House Dedicated to God": Social Welfare and the General Hospital in Reformation Geneva, 1535-1564Doctoral dissertation, University of Arizona. UA Campus Repository. 

Selected Talks and Presentations

Howard, K. (2024, June). Crafting critical historians: Incorporating AI literacy into primary source literacy. Lightning talk. Generative AI In Libraries (GAIL) Virtual Conference, virtual. Duration: 15 minutes.

Howard, K. (2024, May). Charting the course: Embracing RUSA’s Guidelines for Secondary Source Literacy. WILU, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Metro-Vancouver, BC. Duration: 45 minutes.

Howard, K. & Tummon, N. (2024, May). An initial investigation into student citation literacy. Lightning talk. WILU, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Metro-Vancouver, BC. Duration: 10 minutes.

Howard, K. (2023, October). Metadata justice and exploitative labor in libraries and archives. Keynote. ODNFest, State Library of Ohio, Columbus, Ohio. Duration: 1 hour & 30 minutes discussion.

Howard, K. (2023, July). Beyond exploitation: Metadata justice and prison labor. Metadata Justice in Oklahoma Libraries & Archives Symposium, virtual. Duration: 30 minutes.

Howard, K. & Sundberg, J. (2023, May). Knitting natural HerStory. ROAAr event, McGill Library, Hybrid. Recording. Duration: 1 hour, 10 minutes.

Garlock, E., Howard, K., Monosky, M., Pecoskie, C., Rod, A.B., & Turp, C. (2023, May). Building a literacy-informed technology training program for MLIS students with MLIS students. ABQLA 2023, Montreal, QC. Duration: 45 minutes.

Howard, K. (2023, March). Meeting students' information needs: Devising better research strategies for women's and gender history. AkLA 2023, Fairbanks, Alaska. Duration: 30 minutes.

Rod, A.B., Pecoskie, C., Howard, K., Desmeules, R., Desrochers, N., & Turp, C. (2022, October). BiblioTECH: Building a collaborative future-oriented instruction program for information studies students. Access 2022, Virtual. Duration: 20 minutes.

Sundberg, J. & Howard, K. (2022, October). Knitting together a community with special collections. Lightning session presented at 2022 CRKN Conference, Virtual. Material prepared by K. Howard and J. Sundberg, presented by J. Sundberg. Duration: 10 minutes.

Howard, K. (2022, June). Sketching and stitching in the stacks: Driving community engagement with creative projects. Lighting talk presented at RBMS Conference, Virtual. Duration: 5 minutes.

Howard, K. (2022, May). Magnifying the Royce Gale Miniature Book Collection. Invited presentation, Rare Books & Special Collections, McGill Library, Hybrid. Recording. Duration: 30 minutes.

Howard, K. (2022, May). Highlights from the Lilly Toth Miniature Book Collection. Invited presentation, Lilly Toth Memorial Event (part of the Festival d'Histoire de Montréal), Jewish Public Library and Montreal Holocaust Museum. Duration: 25 minutes.

Howard, K., & Paul, E. (2022, May). A collection of curiosities: The Lilly Toth Miniature Book Collection. ABQLA Annual Conference, Virtual. Recording. Duration: 40 minutes.

Howard, K. (2022, April). Digitization and exploitation: Toward ending the exploitation of the incarcerated in memory work. Concordia Library Research Forum, Virtual. Recording. Duration: 20 minutes.

Howard, K. (2022, March). Knitting in code. ROAAr event, McGill Library, Virtual. Recording. Duration: 35 minutes.

Howard, K. (2022, February). Social welfare and the hospital in Geneva. Invited presentation, Reformation Conference, Claremont McKenna College, Virtual. Duration: 30 minutes.

Howard, K. (2021, February). Rare stitches: Knitting inspired by illuminated manuscripts. ROAAr event, McGill Library, Virtual. Recording. Duration: 25 minutes.

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