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If you have questions or comments about this policy please contact 514-398-4698 or [at]

To preserve a clean and welcoming environment for research and study, a library use policy was established for the Humanities and Social Sciences Library in the fall of 2015. This policy was developed based on user feedback and extensive consultation with university stakeholders.

The Humanities and Social Sciences Library has implemented a zone system to indicate acceptable activities throughout the complex. Look for new signs posted around the library to determine the best study area for you. Explanations of each of the zones are outlined below. Please note that covered drinks are permitted throughout the library. At no time is food allowed in the stacks (book shelves) of the library.

In conversation zone areas, quiet conversation and cold foods are allowed. Hot foods are not permitted. These areas are:

  • Landings of McLennan floors 2, 3, & 5
  • Redpath main floor



In quiet zone areas, snack foods that do not create noise, mess, or smell are permitted. Acceptable foods are ones that will not disturb those around you. Conversation and other noise making activities are not allowed in these areas, cellphones should be silenced. These areas are:

  • McLennan main floor study area
  • Perimeter (study areas along the walls) of McLennan floors 2, 3, & 5
  • Cyberthèque
  • Blackader Lauterman (Redpath 3rd floor)



In silent zone areas, absolutely no food or noise will be permitted. Cellphones must be turned off. These areas are:

  • McLennan floors 4 & 6



Library Service Desk

McLennan Lobby is home to the library’s main service point. Please respect users that are consulting with staff in this area by moving to a Food and Conversation Zone for a Skype or telephone call.

Please note:

  • The cafeteria in Redpath basement is the space to consume meals and hot foods.
  • The selling or distribution of food or beverages is not permitted.
  • Having restaurant food delivered to the library is not permitted.
  • Library users are not permitted to save seats for others.
  • Mobile devices should be silenced throughout the library.
  • E-Cigarettes and vaporizers are not permitted anywhere in the library.
  • Unattended personal belongings may be removed by security.
  • Library staff reserves the right to determine specifically which food items are permitted in the library and to allow exceptions to the Library Use Policy for special events.
  • Users who do not comply with the zone policy and who do not use bins to clean up will be required to leave.
  • Clothing drives are not permitted anywhere in the library.



If you have questions or comments about this policy please contact 514-398-4698 or [at]

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