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Fund Balances and Profiles WEB Report

Running WEB Reports

If you are having issues running WEB reports using IE, please try Chrome or Firefox.

In order to run this report, you must:

Have Minerva query access to funds/grants AND have data warehouse access.
For information on getting data warehouse access & finding your Banner User ID and password in Minerva, go to the Data Warehouse information webpage.
For information on running web reports, go to the Running Web & Crystal Reports webpage.

Researcher Tools Report Templates

Fund Balances and Profiles WEB Report

A comprehensive report specifically tailored to PIs.  It provides a lists of all available funds the PI has control of, their balances as of the specified year and month, and the profile information associated with the fund.  Certain parts of the report has drill-down capabilities which will provide additional information and more in-depth summarized expenses.

Prompting Query Fields

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Prompting Query Fields:
- Calendar year
- Calendar month
- PI McGill ID
- Drill-down sorting method

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