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FOAPAL Reports

Running WEB Reports

If you are having issues running WEB reports using IE, please try Chrome or Firefox.

Instructions for logging in to reports and exporting data is available on the Running Web & Crystal Reports page.
Crystal Reports software is not required to run the web report templates.

FOAPAL Report Templates

This report replaces a number of Web and Crystal Report templates. For further details, please click on the Description below.

Fund Listing and Details by Fund or Org Code Report

(Click on the title above to run the Web Report)


Provides detail of all non-financial data for a given fund; a single prompt allows for querying by an individual fund or, alternatively, by an organization code at any level (i.e. department). Further, double-clicking on a particular fund then provides for a large range of non-financial detail related to that fund.

Replaces the following FOAPAL Reports:

  • Fund Information
  • Organization Fund Information
  • Fund Listing by Department Org Code

To run the report, the following must be selected/entered

Fund or Organization Code (any level) - enter six-digit Fund code or five-digit Organization code (e.g. Department) as report is designed to handle both options.


FOAPAL Verification WEB Report

FileFOAPAL Verification CRYSTAL Report

Description, Prompting Query Fields, Help Documentation

Last modified:

Designed as a look up report for FOAPAL code validation. Will display all matches for the code entered for any part of the FOAPAL string. Ideal for use by service departments that generate feed files to Financial Services.

Report Help:
FOAPAL Code Verification [.pdf]

Prompting Query Fields:
- FOAPAL code

View Information [for Crystal Report]
View: FG.Foapal.Code.Translation
View Help: FOAPAL Code Translation [.pdf]

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  • You will only be able to run these reports once you have FIS access and Data Warehouse Access (DWH). (If you received DWH access today, you will only be able to run the reports tomorrow.)
  • The data warehouse is Fund/Org secure. You will only see data (transactions) for the funds to which you have query access.
  • For help running the reports, contact the Finance Help Desk: 514-398-3463
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