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Grant Reports

Running WEB Reports

If you are having issues running WEB reports using IE, please try Chrome or Firefox.

Instructions for logging in to reports and exporting data is available on the Running Web & Crystal Reports page.
Crystal Reports software is not required to run the web report templates.

This report replaces a number of Web and Crystal Report templates. For further details, please click on the Description below.

Multi Month Grant Report

(Click on the title above to run the Web Report)


Replaces the following reports under:


  • Capture Grant Details
  • Multi Period Grant Details
  • Multi Period Fund Details by Activity

Month End Reports:

  • Monthly Grant Details

Summary Reports:

  • Monthly Grant Summary
  • Monthly Grant Summary by Activity 

To run the report, the following must be selected/entered

Prompting Query Fields Possible Values
Starting Calendar Year and Month (Optional) Valid 4 digit calendar year and 2 digit calendar month. This value is required only for the Multi Month Grant Details report.
Ending Calendar Year and Month Valid 4 digit calendar year and 2 digit calendar month. 
Fund Code Valid 6 digit fund code.
Report Type

Select from the drop-down list of 3 report types:

  • Multi Month Grant Details
  • Monthly Grant Details
  • Monthly Grant Summary
Grouping Type

Select from the drop-down list of 2 groupings:

  • Account Code
  • Activity Code
Excel Friendly

Choose one from the drop-down list:

  • Yes
  • No

Need HELP?

  • You will only be able to run these reports once you have FIS access and Data Warehouse Access (DWH). (If you received DWH access today, you will only be able to run the reports tomorrow.)
  • The data warehouse is Fund/Org secure. You will only see data (transactions) for the funds to which you have query access.
  • For help running the reports, submit a ticket via the FIS Service Desk portal or by phone at: 514-398-3463

Grant Inception To Date Expenditures WEB Report

Description and Prompting Query Fields

Last modified:

This report is ideal for users wishing to focus their attention on current grant year transactions. Grant information is split into two sections: historical transactions and current grant year transactions. The split is based on month and year parameters defined by the user. Furthermore, the user is offered the option between a succinct summary presentation and a detail by account presentation. Users can drill down to document level details.
Users require both access to HR and Finance views to use this template.
[Do not use for Funds not related to Grants. Use the Multi Period Fund details for accurate results.]

Prompting Query Fields:
- Calendar year
- Calendar month
- Fund code

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