Sarah Travis, MMF'18

I did my undergrad degree in Civil Engineering at Queen’s University and worked in a startup engineering firm during my summers. I knew I wanted to make the switch into finance and was really focused on the investment management industry. I felt that the MMF program best combined in-class knowledge with practical applications and experiential learning. The work done with Desautels Capital Management really propelled me forward; it’s this hands-on learning that gave me so much practical knowledge. The professional seminar series also gave me so much insight into different career paths; it really helped me focus in on the industry that I wanted to work in.

- Sarah Travis, MMF'18
Analyst, Total Fund Strategy

Fred Gatali, MMF'18

Coming from a finance background with little exposure to Capital Markets and no work experience in the industry, I needed an experience that would be both educational and, simultaneously, practical to become specialized in my field. The program provided me the tools to break into different fields and build a valuable network.

The program also provided me the tools to break into different fields that I did not know or had very little knowledge of, prior to the MMF program and I built a valuable network that I could rely on to start a promising career in finance.

- Fred Gatali, MMF'18

Shivi Lakhtakia, MMF'18

I chose the MMF program because of its well-rounded focus on all finance-related disciplines and the practical experience it provided through Desautels Capital Management. It has been highly instrumental in building a strong foundation and understanding of assets, debts and capital markets, and the financial modeling that comprises investment management decisions and valuations. Thanks to my experience in the program, I truly feel better-equipped to thrive in a fast-paced, evolving world of finance.

- Shivi Lakhtakia, MMF'18

Gabriel Vincent-Girard, MMF'18

"What sets the MMF program apart is this opportunity to learn from your peers and capitalize on their background to build investment strategies at Desautels Capital Management.

The MMF program also stands out for its career services, which provided me with the necessary resources and network to prepare for interviews, reach out to employers and secure my ideal job."

- Gabriel Vincent-Girard, MMF'18

Mostafa Barakat, MMF'17

I joined the MMF program with a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from McGill University. After working for two years as a field engineer in Alberta, Canada, I developed an interest for finance and was particularly fascinated by the economic and political drivers that govern the oil & gas sector. I decided to pursue the MMF program mainly for its experiential learning aspects and leading faculty.

Upon completion of my Masters’ degree, I joined an asset management firm as a Global Equity Analyst. The MMF program substantially developed my entrepreneurial, interpersonal and leadership skills that are essential to the evolving world of capital markets.

- Mostafa Barakat, MMF'17

Mohamad Hijazi, BSc Chemical Engineering, Queen’s University, MMF'17

I chose to pursue the MMF program because I believe that it will be an important stepping stone towards the management career that I aspire to. So far, my experience in the MMF program has been a very positive and enlightening. I would describe the program as a rigorous and meaningful experience that gives students access to anarray of knowledge and resources to ensure a successful transition into the business world.

One aspect of the program that I found very unique was the professional workshop series. Once a week, a prominent figure in the finance industry would present information about their company, its operations, and strategies, as well as general topics that would benefit young ambitious individuals. The professional workshops gave us practical insight into the industry, as well as a valuable opportunity to network with established finance professionals who have a vast amount of knowledge to share.

- Mohamad Hijazi, BSc Chemical Engineering, Queen’s University, MMF'17

- Tian (Tina) Yang, Bachelor of Mathematics, University of Waterloo, MMF'17

"I chose the MMF program because you get the best of both worlds: in-class teaching from one of the most established Finance faculties in Canada and hands-on learning of quantitative methods and fundamental investing from Desautels Capital Management. The program is rigorous but rewarding, benefitting those with a strong momentum to explore Finance, despite coming from non-finance or finance backgrounds."

- Tian (Tina) Yang, Bachelor of Mathematics, University of Waterloo, MMF'17

Vivek Sharma, Bachelor of Business Studies, University of Delhi, MMF'17

"While I was weighing my options for a Master’s program in Finance, I was extremely particular about what I wanted to get out of it. Specifically, I was looking to build the skills and the network needed to excel in the financial world. The Desautels MMF at McGill University seemed like a perfect gateway through which to accomplish this. McGill's renowned status and 30,000+ alumni base, as well the opportunity to be a part of a group managing millions while still in school, were all elements that really impressed me.

A month into the program, my schedule has been extremely rigorous and enriching at the same time. I attend weekly pro-seminars with industry leaders, identify lucrative equity investments, and engage in other activities that give me hands-on experience that will be an asset when I begin my career. This program challenges me every single day in one form or the other, but I believe that this is an essential ingredient to success in finance. It is thrilling to be a part of this journey."

- Vivek Sharma, Bachelor of Business Studies, University of Delhi, MMF'17

Kisa Giebink, BSc. Agro-Environmental Sciences, McGill University, MMF'17

I chose the program as a way to bridge the gap between my undergraduate education and a career in finance. The program has been fast-paced and challenging so far, but also invigorating. Only one month in, and I'm already more prepared to enter the workforce than before.

- Kisa Giebink, BSc. Agro-Environmental Sciences, McGill University, MMF'17

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