Meet our MMF Alumni Ambassadors

Canada is a perfect location for finance students

MMF grads reflect

Our MMF Alumni Ambassadors are eager to share their perspectives and answer your questions about student life at McGill and in Montreal.

Are you a McGill MMF graduate who would like to become an ambassador? Please fill out this form.

All admissions and application-related queries should be directed to mmf [at] (subject: Enquiry%20from%20website) .

Florent Arès

Florent Arès MMF'20
Montreal, Canada
LinkedIn | Florent.ares [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Kaylyn Chrystian

Kaylyn Chrystian MMF'20
Calgary, Canada
LinkedIn | Kaylyn.chrystian [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Nicolas Claveau

Nicolas Claveau MMF'18
Montreal, Canada
LinkedIn | nicolasclaveau [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Patrick Elliott

Patrick Elliott MMF'19
Mississauga, Canada
LinkedIn | patrick.elliott [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Nicolas Genest

Nicolas Genest MMF'18
Montreal, Canada
LinkedIn | Nicolas.Genest [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Kisa Giebink

Kisa Giebink MMF'17
Maui, Hawaii
LinkedIn | kisa.giebink [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Louis Goulet

Louis Goulet MMF'19
Montreal, Canada
LinkedIn | louis.goulet [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Mario Hennessey

Mario Hennessey MMF'18
Moncton, Canada
LinkedIn | mario.hennessey [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Jared Holaday

Jared Holaday MMF'20
Saskatoon, Canada
LinkedIn | jared.holaday [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Hao (Alex) Hua

Alex Hua MMF'18
Vancouver, Canada
LinkedIn | alexhuahao [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Pier-Olivier Laflèche

Pier-Olivier Laflèche MMF'20
Montreal, Canada
LinkedIn | polafleche [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Kaili Ma

Kaili Ma MMF'19
Wuhan, China
LinkedIn | [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Sarah McCullough

Sarah McCullough MMF'17
Toronto, ON
LinkedIn | sarahmcc92 [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Alexandra Melendez Lahura

Alexandra Melendez Lahura MMF'19
Lima, Peru
LinkedIn | alexandra.melendezlahura [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Quan Nguyen

Quan Nguyen MMF'18
Hanoi, Vietnam
LinkedIn | quan.nguyen2 [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Mark-Anthony Sagaria

Mark Sagaria MMF'18
Montreal, Canada
LinkedIn | mark.sagaria [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Laura Santiago

Laura Santiago MMF'19
Bogotá, Colombia
LinkedIn | laura.santiago [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Corey Saxe

Corey Saxe MMF'19
Montreal, Canada
LinkedIn | corey.saxe [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Parth Shah

Parth Shah MMF'19
Mumbai, India
LinkedIn | parth.shah [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Celec Soriano-Francis

Celec Soriano-Francis MMF'20
Mexico City, Mexico / Montreal, Canada
LinkedIn | celec.soriano-francis [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Roy Sun

Roy Sun MMF'19
Montreal, Canada
LinkedIn | roy.sun [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Aïcha Traoré

Aïcha Traoré MMF'20
Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
LinkedIn | aicha.traore [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Sarah Travis

Sarah Travis MMF'18
Toronto, Canada
LinkedIn | sarah.travis [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Gabriel Vincent-Girard

Gabriel Vincent-Girard MMF'18
Montreal, Canada
LinkedIn | Gvincentgirard [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Yingting (Ariel) Wang

Ariel Wang MMF'20
Fuzhou, China
LinkedIn | [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Yayu Xu

Yayu Xu MMF'19
Wuhan, China
LinkedIn | yayu.xu [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

Pratyaksha Yadav

Pratyaksha Yadav MMF'19
New Delhi, India
LinkedIn | pratyaksha.yadav [at] (subject: McGill%20MMF%20Ambassador%20Program%20-%20Info%20request) (Email)

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