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Associate Professor, Strategy & Organization (Retired)
Margaret Graham
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PhD, Harvard University, USA
MBA, Harvard University, USA
MA, Harvard University, USA
BA, College of Wooster, USA


Dr. Margaret Graham joined McGill's Faculty of Management in 2000. She is also a founding director of the Winthrop Group Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her research and writing center on managing innovation. In addition to several multi-year consulting engagements with research-based firms in the specialty materials, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries, she spent four years in R&D management as an executive at Xerox PARC, Xerox's advanced research center in Palo Alto, CA.

Dr. Graham has been a member of the faculty at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration and the Boston University School of Management. While at B.U. as Professor, Operations Management and Management of Technology, she served as Associate Dean and Dean of the Faculty.

Dr. Graham is a leading scholar of the history of industrial research. Her books include The Business of Research: RCA and the VideoDisc, and R&D for Industry: A Century of Technical Research at Alcoa, coauthored by Bettye Pruitt, both published by Cambridge University Press. Her latest book on innovation, Corning and the Craft of Innovation, coauthored by Alec Shuldiner, was published by Oxford University Press in 2001. Her articles include writings on the history of the information age, and on the evolution of information technology. A chapter entitled "The Threshold of the Information Age: Radio, Television and Motion Pictures Mobilize the Nation," appears in Alfred Chandler and James Cortada (eds.), A Nation Transformed by Information, published this year by Oxford University Press.

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Corporate Social Entrepreneur
Corporate Social Responsibility
Leadership & Governance
Risk Management
Social Enterprise
Social Entrepreneur
Social Innovation
Sustainability Collaboration
Sustainable Development
Technology & Innovation
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Papers in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Margaret B.W. Graham, “Intellectual Property and the Professionals,” History and Technology: An International Journal, 28:1, 73-82, April 2012.
John Seaman and Margaret B.W. Graham, “Sustainability and the Scholarly Enterprise: A History of Gutenberg-e,” The Journal of Scholarly Publishing, March, 2012.
Margaret B.W. Graham, “Corporate Responsibility at Corning, Incorporated,” Internet publication by St.Thomas University Institute on Ethics and Corporate Responsibility, 2011.
Margaret B.W. Graham, “Schumpeter’s Children,” Woodrow Wilson Quarterly, May 2010.
Mary O’Sullivan and Margaret B.W. Graham, Guest Editors’ Introduction, “Business History and Management Theory: A Critical Introduction,” in Margaret, B.W. Graham, Christopher McKenna and Mary O’Sullivan, Special Issue on Business History and Management Theory, the Journal of Management Studies, 2010.

Books and Edited Volumes

Corning and the Craft of Innovation with Alec T. Shuldiner, Oxford University Press, NY 2001.

R&D for Industry: A Century of Technical Innovation at Alcoa, with Bettye Pruitt, Cambridge University Press, NY 1990.

RCA and the VideoDisc: the Business of Research, Cambridge University Press, NY1986. Paperback edition: The Business of Research: RCA and the VideoDisc, 1988.


Chapters in Books

“Aluminum and the Third Industrial Revolution,” in Giovanni Dosi and Louis Galambos, (Eds) The Third Industrial Revolution in Global Business, Cambridge University Press, New York, NY. forthcoming in March 2013.

“Entrepreneurship in the United States, 1920-2000,” in Daniel R. Headrick, Joel Mokyr and William J. Baumol, (Eds.) The Invention of Enterprise: Entrepreneurship from Ancient Mesopotamia to Modern Times, Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ, 2010.

“Corning as Creative Responder: A Schumpeterian Interpretation of Disruptive Innovation,” in Sally H. Clarke, Naomi R. Lamoreaux and Steve W. Usselman (Eds.) The Challenge of Remaining Innovative: Insights from Twentieth Century American Business, Stanford University Press, Stanford, CA 2009.

“Technology and Innovation,” in Geoffrey Jones and Jonathan Zeitlin (Eds.)The Oxford Handbook of Business History, Oxford University Press, NY 2008.

“Financing Fiber: Corning Invades the Telecommunications Industry,” in Naomi Lamoreaux and Kenneth Sokoloff, (Eds.) Financing Innovation in the United States: 1870 to the Present, Cambridge: The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA 2007.

"The Threshold of the Information Age: Radio, Television and Motion Pictures Mobilize the Nation," in Alfred D. Chandler and James Cortada (eds.) A Nation Transformed by Information: How Information Reshaped the United States from Colonial Times to the Present, Oxford University Press, NY 2000.

Awards, honours, and fellowships: 


2011: Distinguished Teaching Award for Undergraduates, Desautels Faculty of Management,

2005: Distinguished Teaching Award, McGill Faculty of Management

1987: Broderick Prize for Research, Boston University School of Management


1968-1973: Harvard Graduate Prize Fellowship



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