Gaëlle Lamotte

Desautels Global Expert; Partner, Strategy Management Partners
Gaëlle Lamotte



Gaëlle Lamotte is managing partner for Europe and America and is also responsible for our Strategy Management Education services. Gaëlle is a Director at Strategy Management Partners and founding partner. In addition to her role as co-practice leader for Europe and North America, Gaëlle is the managing partner in charge of Strategy Management Education services.

Gaëlle has over 20 years of management consulting, training and executive coaching experience with a particular focus on strategy execution and management. She has worked with many different organisations from larger multinationals to start ups; as well as setting up and managing her own company. Gaëlle is regarded as a leading expert and one of the most experienced practitioners in her field supporting her clients in developing and implementing their business strategies. She succeeds in driving better business performance and lasting results for her clients by understanding how best to apply strategy, business concepts and methodologies to their unique context and challenges.

Representative client organisations include Cisco Systems, School of Government, Cabinet Office, BP, Elcoteq, Conoco Philips, Nato NC3A, Magnesium Elektron, Porcher Industries, Rexam Group, Toray Carbon and Roke Manor Research.

Gaëlle was previously Managing Director for Palladium Group’s Northern Europe business, founded by Balanced Scorecard innovators Drs. Kaplan and Norton, where she grew client services from purely consulting to include conferences, training seminars, web based solutions, and communities of practice ; with the overarching goal to help client organisations continuously develop their strategy management capabilities.

In the last fifteen years, Gaëlle delivered all of Palladium’s training seminars, and is a Certified Strategy Management trainer.

Gaëlle started her career in strategy with Monitor Company in 1990 in Canada, a Boston based company established by Michael Porter. She later joined Renaissance Solutions in London, before moving on to the Palladium Group.

Gaëlle continues to be at the forefront in the field of strategy management currently developing executive education and training programmes to help managers acquire the strategic and leadership skills they need to maximise their own potential.

“Gaelle not only helped us in preparing and facilitating our management team meetings but also in coaching me directly in designing the most effective approaches for the team; and challenging our assumptions and ideas. She was very professional and expert in the discipline of strategic management and related fields. … articulate in a variety of settings from one-on-one meetings to workshop facilitation demonstrating a great empathy for the client and our unique challenges and context. Her work style is one of collaboration, making sure that while she guides us to achieve the best results, we as clients retain full ownership for the work.”  VP Divisional Strategic Management, Magnesium Elektron.

Gaëlle holds an MBA from INSEAD and a Bachelor of Commerce/East Asian Studies from McGill University (Canada). She is fluent in French.

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