MCCHE Precision Convergence Webinar Series with Andrea Borghini

Tuesday, September 26, 2023 11:00to13:00

Bots in the Kitchen: Philosophical Take on the Digital Food Transformation

By Andrea Borghini

Associate Professor in the Philosophy Department at the University of Milan

Chair: Laurette Dubé (Scientific Director of MCCHE)
Co-Chair & Moderator: John G. Keogh (Professor of Practice, MCCHE; Founder, Shantalla Inc.)

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The digital food transformation promises to rationalize food systems, buttress healthy eating, swiftly make available food cultures, and much more. All of this, though, requires the ability to adequately represent the elusive and transitory nature of food and food practices in some formal language. Through a philosophical lens, and with a special focus on food ontologies, in this webinar we unearth the ethical and theoretical perils and prospects that the digital food transformation creates.

About the speaker

Andrea Borghini is Associate Professor in the Philosophy Department at the University of Milan and, since 2018, the director of Culinary Mind, the leading international network devoted to a philosophical study of food from a theoretical angle. His research develops theoretical tools to rethink perspectives and policies concerning food systems, food cultures, food justice, and dietary health. Andrea holds a PhD in Philosophy from Columbia University (2007) and his initial areas of specialization included metaphysics and ontology as well as philosophy of the life sciences. His work on food appeared in mainstream scholarly journals, including American Philosophical Quarterly, Applied Ontology, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Food Culture and Society, Food Ethics, Human Ecology, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Philosophical Quarterly, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Synthese, and World Development Sustainability. He also edited several special issues of journals (including Topoi and Food Ethics) and the volume Framing Recipes (Bloomsbury, 2022).

About the series

The Precision Convergence series is launched to catalyze unique synergy between, on the one hand, novel partnerships across sciences, sectors and jurisdictions around targeted domains of real-world solutions, and on the other hand, a next generation convergence of AI with advanced research computing and other data and digital architectures such as PSC’s Bridges-2, and supporting data sharing frameworks such as HuBMAP, informing in a real time as possible the design, deployment and monitoring of solutions for adaptive real-world behaviour and context.

The Precision Convergence Webinar Series is co-hosted by The McGill Centre for the Convergence of Health and Economics (MCCHE) at McGill University and The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, a joint computational research centre between Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh.


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