MCCHE Convergent Innovation Webinar Series with Yefim Roth

Thursday, May 11, 2023 11:00to13:00

On the Challenges and Promises of Promoting Desired Behavior through the Use of Insights from Behavioral Science

Yefim Roth

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Yefim Roth holds a PhD in Decision Making from the Technion and completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at UTD. Currently, Dr. Roth is an Assistant Professor at the University of Haifa, Faculty of Social Welfare & Health Science, in the Department of Human Service. Dr. Roth's research focuses on three main areas. Firstly, he examines the factors that influence the search for information. Secondly, he investigates the use of behavioral economic tools such as nudges and incentives to alter behavior. Lastly, Dr. Roth conducts field studies to examine how to alter behavior using minor incentive. Dr. Roth has published in top-tier academic journals, including Nature Human Behavior, Psychological Review, Management Science, and Journal of Consumer Research. He has also published in leading journals in the field of Decision Making, such as Judgment and Decision Making, Decision, and Journal of Behavioral Decision Making.


Taking the perspective of a policy maker, how can we promote desired behavior? Perhaps the most popular ways to do so are through the use of nudges and incentives. In this seminar, we will present two novel and scalable methods for altering behavior with small incentives - namely, incentivizing exploration and repeated deposit contracts. Next, we will discuss how to bring about desired changes even more cheaply by altering the choice environment through the use of nudges. We will focus on the most popular default and warning nudges, showing under which conditions these interventions are expected to be effective and when they may backfire.

Chair: Professor Laurette Dubé (Scientific Director of MCCHE)
Co-Chair & Moderator: John G. Keogh (Professor of Practice, MCCHE; Founder, Shantalla Inc.)

Panel Discussion: A panel with scientists, business and policy leaders will discuss how scientific and technological developments and ontologies bridging farm, food and human behavior, can accelerate the design and long-term performance of convergence platforms ecosystems targeting achievable and time-bound real-world solutions placing human and environmental health at the core. This will advance the design of integrative digital architecture and governance framework to scale up how real-world data generated by individuals and institutions within and across disciplines and sectors can contribute to a World reset on convergence economy, building upon the challenges and possibilities reviewed above. Capitalizing on digital transformation of science and society, convergence economy takes a person-centered approach to bridging organizations and systems across sectors and jurisdictions, fully acknowledging that developed and developing worlds share the same planet, for world-scale transformation toward sustainable prosperity and affordable nutrition and health.


The Convergent Innovation Webinar Series features cutting edge science, technology and innovation in agriculture, food, environment, education, medicine and other domains of everyday life where grand challenges lie at the convergence of health and economics. Powered by data science, artificial intelligence, and other digital technologies, this disciplinary knowledge bridges with behavioural, social, humanities, business, economics, social, engineering, and complexity sciences to accelerate real-world solution at scale, be it in digital or physical contexts. Initiated in the agri-food domain, the series is now encompassing other grand challenges facing modern and traditional economies and societies, such as ensuring lifelong wellness and resilience at both the individual and population levels.

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