CI Webinar: Joyce Boye, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 11:00to12:15

Bolstering Innovation in Value-added Processing of Pulses

Significant progress has been made in the last few decades to increase pulse production and the global pulse supply. Concurrently, new knowledge has been generated that has broadened our understanding of the characteristics of pulses and pulse ingredients for food applications. Expanding pulse utilization in value-added product development to meet current and future demands will require concerted research efforts to improve our understanding of consumer behaviour as well as greater knowledge on how production and processing practices affect the functionality, flavour, health and nutritional characteristics of pulses. A 4-tiered approach is proposed: a) continue to expand production and global supply to address known needs and new and emerging markets using existing knowledge of the characteristics of pulses and pulse ingredients in traditional applications; b) identify existing infrastructure capacity and processing streams that can be easily repurposed or reconfigured to process pulses for applications that are familiar to consumers, for example  where pulses can be easily used to replace or complement traditional ingredients; c) develop new technologies, processes and ingredients to expand pulse product offerings for diversified applications (e.g., as food and feed); and d) generate incremental knowledge on the nutritional, health, functional and ecological attributes of pulse products to incent consumer interest, expand markets and increase product uptake. Using pulse proteins as an example, this presentation will highlight how existing science could be harnessed into business solutions to address emerging opportunities for the pulse sector.

Guest Speaker:

Joyce Boye PhD, 

Director of Research, Development and Technology Transfer

(Summerland & Agassiz)

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

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