Meet the new Dean of HEC Paris: Peter Todd

Published: 29Sep2015

Peter Todd is the new Dean of HEC Paris. He explains his vision for HEC Paris, a "great school with its great challenges" that he vows to rise to, capitalizing on the excellence of our professors...

Effects of upstream and downstream mergers on supply chain profitability

Published: 29Sep2015

Authors: Zhu, J., Boyaci, T. and Ray, S. Publications: European Journal of Operational Research

Quel avenir pour HEC ? Les (grandes) ambitions du nouveau directeur

Published: 29Sep2015

Depuis le 1er septembre, Peter Todd a succédé à Bernard Ramanantsoa, au poste de directeur général d'HEC Paris. Ce Canadien, ex-doyen venu de la faculté de management Desautels de l'université de...

Das Auto, now what?

Published: 29Sep2015

The biggest automaker in the world admits it screwed up. Rigging emissions tests on its diesel cars will cost Volkswagen billions. But what's happened to car owners' trust? Our guest is Henry...

Using foods high in sugar, fat as rewards can lead to obesity in children

Published: 29Sep2015

You’re late getting out the door and your six-year-old isn’t co-operating. You know it isn’t the best parental decision you’ve ever made but you offer him a treat if he agrees to obediently put on...

A handful of US companies are trying to grow insects people will want to eat

Published: 28Sep2015

It’s hard to hear anything over the chirping. Cardboard boxes filled with egg cartons and sheets of plastic buzz with thousands of young-adult crickets calling out to one another to mate.......

J'ai tapé "HEC" dans LinkedIn, voici ce que je n'ai pas trouvé

Published: 25Sep2015

À l'heure où Peter Todd prend la tête de HEC, avec un excellent track-record financier sur son précédent poste à McGill, c'est l'occasion de faire un point sur la présence de HEC sur LinkedIn,...