McGill email: .zip attachments containing .exe files will be quarantined


Published: 11Oct2013

Due to the continued threat of Cryptolocker and other similar malware infecting computers on campus, all email messages containing .zip attachments with an executable (.exe) file will be flagged as spam and quarantined by the Anti-Spam Service. Emails that are quarantined are not delivered to your Inbox. When found, they are listed in a quarantine digest email which is sent to you for review the next morning.

These quarantined messages are accessible via the quarantine website for 15 days. Access the quarantine website at to take action on quarantined messages and change your anti-spam options. 

If you know the sender of an email that is quarantined and are expecting a file, you may add them to your Approved Senders list. To be safe, we encourage you to confirm with the sender that any attachment is legitimate.

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