Eugenie Bouchard tested by adversity, Dr. Bloom tells Gazette


Published: 13Aug2015

After being named Canada's top female athlete two years in a row, young Quebec tennis star Eugenie Bouchard has lost 13 of her last 15 matches. Dr. Gordon Bloom of our Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, Director of the McGill Sports Psychology Research Laboratory, was interviewed by the Montreal Gazette to help resolve questions brought to light by her recent disappointments.

When athletes face increased pressure their work ethic and attitude are tested. "It’s easy to work in sports psych when things are going well," Dr. Bloom told Montreal Gazette journalist Stu Cowan, "but you really see what people are made of when they go through adversity.”

[read Stu Cowan: "What a difference a year makes for Eugenie Bouchard", Montreal Gazette, August 12, 2015]

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