Local Wellness Advisors

Local Wellness Advisor (LWAs) are trained mental health clinicians embedded within faculties and services to orient and connect you with the appropriate support resource - on-campus or off-campusfor your unique situation. 

With similar educational backgrounds to counsellors, LWAs also facilitate wellness programming tailored to your faculty or identified community and work with departments on wellness awareness, prevention and early intervention

Local Wellness Advisors each offer targeted mental health workshops, wellness outreach through our social media channels, as well as one-on-one appointments.      

Students have access to multiple LWAs based on their unique identities. For example, if you are an international student in the faculty of arts, you have access to both the LWA for International Students, as well as the LWA for students in the Faculty of Arts.

Your First Session

LWA appointments are different from appointments with a counsellor in that LWAs have a deeper knowledge and understanding of your experience in the particular faculty that you're in. Appointments are up to 90 minutes long, including time to complete intake forms. You can book your appointment online!

During a consultation appointment, your LWA will:

  1. Conduct an assessment
  2. Provide a brief intervention
  3. And develop a wellness plan with you based on your needs

The goal is to provide you with guidance, information and coaching.

Please note that your LWA can't refer you directly to a psychiatrist. They can connect you to a GP if a referral to a psychiatrist is necessary.

Get To Know Your Local Wellness Advisor

Click on the faculty or community most relevant to you to learn more about your LWA, outreach programming, and to book an appointment. 

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