Nutritional Support

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How Our Dietitians Can Support You

Our Registered Dietitians at the Student Wellness Hub can help you with nutritional guidance and concerns. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Disordered eating (e.g. binge eating, obsessive thinking)
  • Information and guidance for dietary choices (e.g. veganism, vegetarianism, etc.)
  • Nutritional guidance related to a medical diagnosis
  • Food relationship exploration
  • Information on food and health for athletes
  • General information on healthier eating

Our dietitians are located in the Healthy Living Annex at the Student Wellness Hub (Suite #3100).

Book an Appointment

Call the Hub to book an appointment with a dietitian.

The Body Project

The Body Project seeks to connect students who have been impacted by our complicated relationships with food and exercise and commit to making positive changes together.  In collaboration with Hub dietitians, Local Wellness Advisors and Hub Peer Supports, the Body Project is a peer-led body acceptance workshop delivered in a dynamic format.

During the Body Project experience, the interactive meetings address:

  • How to challenge unwanted body comments
  • Skills to improve body image

This program can help build a better body image; it is not treatment for an active eating disorder.

Attend a Workshop

This workshop is offered regularly. To register for an upcoming Body Project, search myInvolvement.

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