Concerned about a McGill student?

If you are concerned about the immediate safety of a student, please call 911 or campus security at 514-398-3000.

For any faculty, staff, parent, or student who is concerned about a McGill student, we strongly recommend reaching out to the Office of the Dean of Students (ODoS). This office can quickly respond to these concerns and quickly mobilize resources on and off campus. You can reach out to ODoS by emailing deanofstudents [at] or casemanager [at]

Encourage your friend to contact the Student Wellness Hub

If students are able to reach out on their own, we recommend they reach out to the Student Wellness Hub directly. There are many resources for students who are looking for support in their mental and physical well-being. Students can book an appointment by calling the Student Wellness Hub.

Student Wellness Hub third-party requests

Due to our confidentiality policy, the Student Wellness Hub cannot communicate with any third party without explicit written consent from the student accessing services. If you are concerned about a McGill Student, you can encourage them to reach out to the Hub directly, or if that is not an option, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students.

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