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Have questions about supporting the health and wellness of students?  We've got answers.

Which services are available at the Hub?

The Student Wellness Hub focuses on awareness, prevention, and early intervention. Students can book with many different health-care professionals including nurses, doctors, dietitians, counsellors, Local Wellness Advisors, Access Advisors, and psychiatrists. To make an appointment with any of our professionals, students can call 514-398-6017.

The Student Wellness Hub also offers peer support opportunities, peer health education, health and wellness programming, group therapy, support groups, health promotion and outreach. 

Students can learn more about our services, access health and wellness resources, and explore a full range of online services and self-help resources, by visiting our website, the Virtual Hub

How do I connect students to the Hub?

Due to our confidentiality policies, students looking for mental or physical health support must call the Student Wellness Hub themselves to receive services. Student can call 514-398-6017 during Hub hours to make an appointment or to connect with services. If the student is not able to reach out to the Hub directly to make an appointment, please contact the Dean of Students Office case manager (casemanager [at] mcgill.ca) to get support. 

As a staff member, what can I do to help connect students with health and wellness resources?

As a staff member, you have an important role to play in helping us spread the word within your area and ensuring that students have access to accurate information.

  • Encourage faculty members to include health and wellness content in their classroom materials. In addition to the Faculty FAQ and suggested health and wellness statement for course syllabi that are already available, we’ll also be preparing health promotion slides and other materials you can distribute in your area.
  • Multiply the message! Collectively, we send thousands of messages to students every week. Consider including a link to the Hub in your e-mail signature for the next few months, such as: “Have you heard about the Student Wellness Hub? Check out McGill health and wellness resources for students.”

What are Access Advisors?

Access Advisors are clinicians who offer brief consultations with students who are not entirely sure what care they need or what resources are available. They can help students identify the best clinicians or resources to address their concerns and achieve their goals. 

What are Local Wellness Advisors?

Local Wellness Advisors are mental health professionals who also have a role providing one-on-one single-session interventions with students, as well as a training and information-sharing role with faculty and staff.

Our Local Wellness Advisors deliver adapted programming to students where they live, learn and study. LWAs are embedded within most faculties and we have additional staff dedicated to Residences, International Student Services, Graduate Students, the BIPOC community, and the 2S&LGBTQ+ community. 

What is the medical notes policy?

If an illness or mental health condition is preventing a student from completing an assignment, exam or class on time, they may be able to receive a medical note from a clinician. The policy is as follows: 

  • Medical notes will only be issued on the day the student is seen by a clinician, usually on the day of the missed exam, assignment, project, class or conference. No medical notes will be written for past illness (i.e. on a weekend, the day before, etc.). 
  • Medical professionals do not have the authority to exempt students from exams, presentations, etc. The final decision will be taken by each professor, faculty and/or department. 
  • Students can call to make an appointment at 514-398-6017, there are no drop-ins at the Student Wellness Hub. 

If a student has a general medical question, where should I refer them?

We provide resources on common mental health issues on our social media account @HealthierMcGill. 

An excellent resource for anyone located in Quebec is Info-Sante/Info-Sociale. Individuals can speak to a nurse or social worker 24/7 by dialing 811. 

Students can make a telephone appointment with a member of our nursing team to ask a medical question. To make an appointment, call us at 514-398-6017.

Where should I send students after-hours?

There are numerous resources located in the community that operate outside of the Wellness Hub hours. We’ve developed the Health and Wellness Resource Map to help students identify resources in the community. 

You can also consult our list of off-campus clinics, CLSCs and other services.

What should I do if a student mentions harming themselves or suicide?

If you know someone who is at risk of harming themselves or others, please call 911. 

If you or another McGill community member is in immediate danger and you are at the downtown campus, you can call 911 or Campus Security at 514-398-3000.

If you are at the Macdonald campus, you can call 911 or Campus Security at 514-398-7777.

Please see our urgent care page for additional resources.

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