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Accessibility on Campus

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Is your class scheduled in an inaccessible location? Let us know; we can request to move your class to an accessible space.

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View ongoing campus construction projects and share any concerns with us via our feedback form.

Accessibility on campus is a priority at McGill.

Building Accessibility

Much of McGill’s campus is accessible to those who use a wheelchair. Consult our Building Accessibility Guides to view details on each building, including accessible entrances, washrooms, parking, elevators, and paratransit drop-offs.

Need more information on accessible entrances, washrooms, cafeterias, classrooms and other University facilities? Please contact us

Gender Inclusive Washrooms - learn more about gender inclusive (universal) washrooms and their importance on campus.

Elevator Access

To access the McGill classrooms located at Campus1 MTL, please complete the Elevator Access - Campus1 MTL form below.  Medical documentation is required.


  1. Complete the Elevator Access - Campus1 MTL form below.
  2. Check-in with Security at the front desk located at the main entrance to Campus1. You'll be asked to sign-in. Security will give you a key fob on a purple lanyard, and will accompany you up to the 1st floor in the elevator.
  3. You can exit the elevator vestibule by pressing the automatic door opener on the wall.
  4. Once you are ready to exit the premise, use your key fob to open the elevator lobby door.
  5. Press the down button to call the elevator, and choose RC level once in the elevator. Exit the speed gates on the RC level using your key fob.
  6. Sign-out and return your key fob to the security agent.

In case of an emergency evacuation, the student should wait at the elevator lobby on the 1st floor for the Fire Department to respond.

Emergency Evacuations

Consult McGill's Emergency Evacuation Procedures for Persons with Disabilities

We also recommend checking out the National Fire Protection Association’s Emergency Evacuation Planning Guide for People with Disabilities. 

Campus Maps

Customize your route on campus, select a pedestrian mode, avoid construction and stairs, show night routes, and more!

Access the pdf version of campus maps: Downtown Campus (pdf), Macdonald Campus (pdf)

Bicycle racks on campus - click here to access locations of available bicycle racks on campus. 


All libraries at McGill are accessible and many have adapted workstations. Find a library or study area that best suits your needs. You can also consult a librarian

Parking and Transportation

Adapted Transportation

McGill’s adapted mobility van offers free campus transportation to students with impairments or injuries that compromise mobility.  Students with permanent mobility impairments are prioritized.  The service operates within the downtown campus limits, Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm.

Other Transportation


If you have a disability, medical condition, or temporary injury that requires proximity parking, you may be able to obtain a permit or day passes for parking on campus. Eligibility is determined in accordance with SAAQ provincial accessibility parking standards. Contact McGill Transport for rates. 

Improving Accessibility at McGill

The University allocates budget each year for projects which aim to make McGill facilities more accessible. This budget and process are overseen by the Universal Capital Access Working Group, on which Student Accessibility and Achievement holds a seat. If you have ideas for a project and are interested in knowing more about the submission process, let us know.

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