Gender-Inclusive Washrooms

What are gender-inclusive washrooms?

Gender-inclusive washrooms are toilet facilities that can be used by someone of any gender. They can be single-stall or multi-stall.1 They can also be referred to as universal washrooms and are often designed to be accessible for a range of needs, including but not limited to people with disabilities or families.2

Why are they important?

Transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming people frequently experience harassment, and discrimination when gendered (men and women) washrooms are the only option available. This results in a wide range of people avoiding certain activities or facilities because they don’t feel safe.1,2,3

Safe and accessible washrooms for members of the McGill community and visitors to our facilities is a right that should be available to all.  Improved access to gender-inclusive washrooms also helps set the tone for an inclusive campus. McGill is on course to further this aim.

Gender-inclusive washrooms at McGill

At McGill, the push for gender-inclusive washrooms dates back two decades. In 2004, a three-year project was initiated that grew out of recommendations made to the Joint Senate-Board Committee on Equity (JSBCE). This project resulted in designating nearly 40 existing washrooms gender-inclusive by June 2007.4 In 2012-13, a second push for gender-inclusive washrooms began. A recommendation that was approved by the JSBCE resulted in re-designating 200 single-stall washrooms as gender inclusive (see index below).4 Then in 2023, the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDIC) approved the following amendment to the original resolution from 2007:

The University shall ensure that all single-stall washrooms in the university are gender inclusive, with according signage and interior door locks. The University must ensure that there is at least one multi-stall gender-inclusive washroom per building, and at least one gender-inclusive washroom (either single-stall or multi-stall) per floor. In new constructions, including new buildings and renovations of washrooms in existing buildings, the University must integrate the foregoing two points.5

Work is underway to increase the availability of gender-inclusive and accessible washrooms at McGill and improve signage for these facilities. The index in the next section identifies all gender-inclusive washrooms on both McGill campuses. For questions about gender-inclusive washrooms at McGill, please email equity [at] (subject: Re%3A%20gender-inclusive%20washrooms%20at%20McGill) .

Index of Gender-Inclusive Washrooms at McGill





[Bolded locations are physically accessible]

Adams Building

3450 rue University

7, 122, 304, 405

Armstrong Building

3420 rue McTavish

090, 192, 292, 392

Birks Building

3520 rue University

005A, 305A, 307A

Bronfman Building

1001 rue Sherbrooke ouest

1-WC2, 1-WC4, 030, 381, 382, 446, 486, 599A, 654D

Brown Student Service Building

3600 rue McTavish

442, 2004, 2005, 3005, 3006, 3014, 3-WC1, 3-WC2, 4002, 4003, 4011, 4013, 4510, 4511, 5007, 5008, 5010, 5013, 5015

Burnside Hall

805 rue Sherbrooke ouest

1B-WC11B-WC2, 120C, 121B, 602

Charles Meredith House

1130 av des Pins ouest


Currie Gymnasium

475 av des Pins Ouest

G-26, 2-WC1, 214, 305

Davis House

3654 promenade Sir William Osler

9, 9A

Dawson Hall

853 rue Sherbrooke ouest


Department of East Asian Studies

3434 rue McTavish

104, 307

Department of Family Medicine

517 av des Pins ouest

007, 103B, 210

Department of Jewish Studies

3438 rue McTavish

104, 107, 203

Department of Linguistics

1085 av du Docteur-Penfield

003, 103, 114, 122, 203, 211, 217, 225, 303, 311, 313, 323

Department of Oncology

546 av des Pins ouest

103, 204, 304

Department of Social Studies of Medicine

3647 rue Peel

110, 311, 311A

Duff Medical Building

3775 rue University

326, 327

Education Building

3700 rue McTavish

B 139

Elizabeth Wirth Music Building (Schulich School of Music)

527 rue Sherbrooke ouest

A003, A208, A302, A402, A502, A604, A704, A804

Faculty Club

3450 rue McTavish

1, 114, 303

Faculty of Medicine

3605 rue de la Montagne

120, 205, 206, 317, 318

Ferrier Building

840 av du Doctor-Penfield

102X, 102Y

First People’s House

3505 rue Peel



740 av du Docteur-Penfield

2012, 2013, 3014, 4014, 5011, 6011, 7011

Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies

3487 rue Peel


James Administration Building

845 rue Sherbrooke ouest

154A, 255A, 321

Leacock, Stephen, Building

855 rue Sherbrooke ouest


Ludmer Building

1033 av des Pins ouest

129, 440

Maass Chemistry Building

801 rue Sherbrooke ouest

227, 329A, 434, 436

Macdonald Engineering

817 rue Sherbrooke ouest

111, 380, 568A, 568B

Macdonald Harrington Building

815 rue Sherbrooke ouest

510, 510A,

Martlet House

1430 rue Peel

107, 110

McCall MacBain Arts Building

853 rue Sherbrooke ouest

F, B-50A

McConnell Engineering Building

3480 rue University

350Y, 350Z, 634, 824

McGill Association of Continuing Education

3437 rue Peel

102, 201, 301, 401

McIntyre Medical Sciences Building

3655 promenade Sir William Osler

3-WC3, 3-WC4, 4C

McLennan Library Building

3459 rue McTavish

M1-12B, M1-12C, M6-37C

McTavish 3430

3430 rue McTavish

100, 200

Montreal Neurological Institute

3801 rue University


Morrice Hall

3485 rue McTavish

015, 317

New Chancellor Day Hall

3644 rue Peel

263, 303, 405, 410, 524, 610

Old Chancellor Day Hall

3644 rue Peel



3610 rue McTavish


Peterson Hall

3460 rue McTavish

58, 68

Pine 515

515 av des Pins ouest

105, 005, 503

Peel 3459

3459 rue Peel

106, 309

Peel 3463

3463 rue Peel

106, 309

Peel 3479

3479 rue Peel


Pulp and Paper Building

3420 rue University

016, 017, 025A, 025B, 114

Purvis Hall

1020 av des Pins ouest


Redpath Library Building

3459 rue McTavish

RM-14, R3-07, R3-09

Rutherford Physics Building

3600 rue University

002B, 1-WC3

Saint Urbain 3626

626 rue Saint-Urbain

434, 235, 431, 231

School of Environment

3534 rue University

22, 32

School of Information Studies

3661 rue Peel

107, 209, 309

Schulich Library of Physical Sciences, Life Sciences

809 rue Sherbrooke ouest

1-WC1, 3-WC2, 4-WC1, 4-WC2, 5-WC2, 5-WC3, 6-WC1, 6-WC2, 6-WC3

Sherbrooke 680

680 rue Sherbrooke ouest

316, 416, 6-WC3, 1567, 1800B, 1918, 2020A

Sports Complex - McGill University Athletics


ground floor (near main entrance), 312 (with shower), 313 (with shower)

Strathcona Anatomy and Dentistry Building

3640 rue University

B/33B, 1/52, 318A, 318B

Strathcona Music Building

555 rue Sherbrooke ouest

C-115 (1st floor), E-328, E-329

Trottier Building

3630 rue University

1040, 2040, 3040, 4040, 5040

University 3550

3550 rue University

107, 50A, 208A

University 3641

3641 rue University


University Centre

3480 rue McTavish

203C (with changing table), 442, 446

Wilson Hall

3506 rue University

109, 213

Wong Building

3610 rue University

5060, 7060




[Bolded locations are physically accessible]

Barton Building

21111 Lakeshore Road

211, 304

Centre for Indigenous Peoples' Nutrition and Environment (CINE)

21111 Lakeshore Road

103, 109

Clinical Nutrition Research Unit

21111 Lakeshore Road

1-WC1, 1-WC2, 1-WC3

Conservation Centre

21111 Lakeshore Road

102, 103

Facilities Management

21300 Lakeshore Road

205, 206

Harrison House

21111 Lakeshore Road

207, 305

Horticulture Services

21111 Lakeshore Road

3, 4

Macdonald-Stewart Building and Raymond Building

21111 Lakeshore Road

MS2-047, MS2-048

Marshal Radar Observatory

3 chemin des Pins


Nutrition Barn

21111 Lakeshore Road


Parasitology Institute

21111 Lakeshore Road


Plant Research Facility

21111 Lakeshore Road

B11, B12



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McGill University is on land which has long served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst Indigenous peoples, including the Haudenosaunee and Anishinabeg nations. We acknowledge and thank the diverse Indigenous peoples whose presence marks this territory on which peoples of the world now gather.

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