Local Wellness Advisor: Engineering

Meet Heleen Loohuis (she/her), Local Wellness Advisor (LWAs) for the Faculty of Engineering

  • Heleen's role as Local Wellness Advisor involves connecting students to appropriate resources on-and-off campus, providing psychoeducational and skills-based workshops, outreach and wellness promotion, as well as individual one-on-one appointments.
  • As a mental health professional, Heleen is the full-time Local Wellness Advisor for the Faculty of Engineering. Heleen has worked in mental health care services and evaluation for over a decade. She is a strong believer in easy and quick access to the right type of care. Heleen's office can be found in McGill Engineering Student Centre (MESC) Room 22, Frank Dawson Adams Building.
  • A highlight of working at the Hub for Heleen is, "being part of an incredible interdisciplinary team, learning from each other, and working collaboratively on providing rapid and good quality care to students.” ⁠ ⁠
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