Bianca Brunetti, Local Wellness Advisor (LWA)

Meet Bianca Brunetti (she/her), the Local Wellness Advisor (LWA) for the Faculty of Arts

  • Bianca is a licensed mental health clinician who has worked over the past nine years with students of various ages.
  • Bianca's role as a Local Wellness Advisor involves connecting students to appropriate resources on-and-off campus, providing psychoeducational and skills-based workshops, outreach, wellness promotion, as well as individual one-on-one appointments.
  • Apart from BuildingAHealthierMcGill, Bianca loves to, cook and bake because food makes her happy.
  • You can find Bianca's office in Dawson Hall, Room 107.

 "As a fellow McGill Arts graduate, I really enjoy being back and working with students. I feel so lucky to be part of an incredible team of colleagues who balance so much knowledge, experience, and compassion.”


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