Nurses & Doctors

 To book an appointment with a nurse or a doctor you must call the Hub.


Nurses at the Student Wellness Hub have an important role in providing preventative medical interventions to students and are a great first point of contact when looking for: 

  • Prescriptions for most forms of birth control and smoking cessation tools 

  • Routine (asymptomatic) Sexually Transmitted Infection and Cervical Cancer Screening  

  • Care for minor wounds 

  • EKGs 

  • General medical information and guidance 

Doctors (General Practitioners)

Doctors at the Student Wellness Hub are a great first option to provide care and referrals for any medical condition. These services include but are not limited to:  

  • Evaluation of symptoms and guidance for any medical concern you may have including the medical management of mental health concerns   

  • IUD and Nexplanon Insertion & Removal   

  • Hormone therapy for transgender/gender diverse patients 

Doctor Capacity at the Hub

We often receive questions about whether we can hire more doctors to join our team. In Quebec, it’s not as simple as just "hiring doctors". The government sets specific obligations for how much a doctor has to work, and how many patients they must see in order to continue working in the province. As of now, time spent working at university clinics isn’t counted towards meeting those requirements.

This means that doctors working at the Hub are signing up to work extra hours above and beyond their Ministry requirements.

It can be hard to find doctors willing and able to put in these extra hours at McGill. We know that more doctors would help improve access, and we continually recruit additional doctors. Our GP’s - as well as our other medical and mental health professionals - make a difference in our students’ lives and are an integral part of our team.

Part of our role at the Student Wellness Hub is to connect you with community resources to help you access the care you need.

If your issue needs to be addressed right away please find the below resources:

▶ Telehealth

▶ Other Hub Clinicians

▶ Off Campus Resources

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