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What is Telehealth?

Are you not currently living in Quebec? Are you an international student? Do you prefer remote care?

Telehealth provides remote access to trained physical and mental health clinicians. As a McGill student, you have free, unlimited access to keep.meSAFE  and Therapy Assisted Online (TAO), and access to either Dialogue or Maple, dependant on your insurance plan. 

Please read the following to determine which service(s) works best for you. 

Mental Health Services


  • Free, unlimited, 24/7 access to mental health support for ALL McGill students.
  • Keep.meSAFE is a mental health counselling service, offered to students in partnership with SSMU and PGSS, that provides 24/7/365 access to licensed counsellors through telephone and mobile chat in over 60 languages with a diverse counsellors who understand your experience and the unique needs of your community (including 2SLGBTQ+, BI&POC, immigrant communities, international students, individuals with disabilities, veterans, and more).
  • To access this service, download the MySSP app for Apple iOS or Android. You can also learn more about this service on SSMU's website.

Physical Health Services 


  • Dialogue is an online platform that allows you to virtually connect with nurses and physicians via a mobile or web app from anywhere in Canada, free of charge.   
  • Students covered by all student unions (PGSS, SSMU, MCSS, MACES), along with their eligible spouse and/or dependent children, have access to virtual health care through the Dialogue Health mobile app.


  • Maple is a tool that provides access to an appointment with a doctor, at a distance. We have worked with Medavie Blue Cross and Maple to eliminate up-front charges for international students covered by Medavie Blue Cross at Provincial insurance plans and/or other supplemental insurance plans, however, may not cover Maple services. This service is available to:

  • Students with primary residence outside of Canada, who cannot use Maple when outside of Canada but can use Maple when in Canada
  • Students with primary residence in Canada, who can use Maple while in Canada and while visiting other countries. When using Maple outside Canada, however, students cannot fill prescriptions at local pharmacies.


  • Dial 811
  • Speak with a nurse or psychosocial worker 24/7, 365 days a year


Tia Health

  • Tia Health allows you to book an appointment with and see a doctor without leaving the house
  • Fees depend on the province and type of appointment*  

  • Book your virtual appointment via the website with your health card


  • Connect with an MD for Medical consultations, prescriptions, and referrals to specialists via your phone, tablet or computer 24 hours/day 
  • Not to be used for: medical emergencies, controlled medications, form completion or physical exams 

Dermatology Services


  • Consult a Nurse Practitioner or Dermatologist, no referral from a GP is required. 

  • Acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, hair loss, sunspots, eyelash loss and wrinkles can all be evaluated and treated virtually. 

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