Lab Services

Where to get your blood test

At the Hub

Do you have a lab requisition from the Student Wellness Hub?
If yes, you can book your lab services at the Student Wellness Hub.

If you do not have a requisition from a Student Wellness Hub clinician, please visit Clic Santé to find an appointment.

Staff cannot do throat swabs for individuals who are experiencing symptoms regardless of the reason.

For International Students

Students are welcome to have their lab tests done at the Hub. However, if you hold Blue Cross Insurance, book at Biron Laboratories to have tests directly billed to your insurance. 

Clic Santé

You can book several medical services, including ear lavage, STI tests, blood tests, vaccinations, and x-rays, through this centralized portal. Clic Santé allows booking at multiple locations across Montreal and Quebec, including at private clinics, hospital, pharmacies, and local community health centres (CLSCs). If you would like more information about testing in the hospital (MUHC McGill University Health Centre) system, please go to the MUHC testing website.

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