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To ensure staff and student safety, and in accordance with McGill policy and the new circumstances, the Student Wellness Hub will not be seeing cold and flu symptomatic patients. Please refer our Off-Campus page for additional resources

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Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is the best way to protect yourself and to protect our community. Vaccination is safe and free for everyone.
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Mask Mandate

Starting May 24th, wearing a mask will no longer be mandatory on campus. However, as per government directives for healthcare facilities, wearing a mask remains mandatory in the Student Wellness Hub in the Brown Student Services Building, except in rooms 4400 and 3100 (Healthy Living Annex), where masks are optional. At Macdonald Campus, masks will be required in the Student Services area in the Centennial Building whenever a doctor or nurse is present (check signage when arriving).

Hub Clinicians

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Overview of Hub Clinicians

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Clinician Description
Access Advisors Not sure where to start? An Access Advisor can help you navigate the services offered by the Student Wellness Hub, explore other on-campus resources, and access off-campus support. 
Counsellors Counsellors and Local Wellness Advisors (LWAs) are mental health professionals who can help reach you reach your mental health and wellness goals. If you'd like Faculty or community specific support, click on the LWA box below. 
Dietitians Dietitians at the Student Wellness Hub are a great resource for information regarding nutritional guidance, dietary choices, and food relationship exploration. 
Doctors Doctors at the Student Wellness Hub are a great option to provide care and referrals for any medical condition. Please note, doctors do not provide emergency services. If you require urgent care, call 911 or review our urgent care page for resources.
Laboratory Services Laboratory Services are available to students who have a lab requisition from a clinician at the Student Wellness Hub. 
Local Wellness Advisors Local Wellness Advisors (LWAs) and counsellors are mental health professionals. In addition to one-on-one appointments, LWAs also facilitate wellness programming like workshops that are tailored to your faculty or community.
Nurses Nurses at the Student Wellness Hub play an important role in providing preventative medical care to students and are a great first point of contact.
Psychiatrists Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosing and treatment of individuals living with mental illness. A doctor can refer you to a psychiatrist.
Sexologists Sexologists are mental health professionals with a specialty in sexual health. Sexologists at the Student Wellness Hub offer information and counseling in a safe judgement-free space concerning sexuality-related concerns.


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