Sexologists are mental health professionals with a specialty in sexual health. Sexologists at the Student Wellness Hub offer information and sexual health support in a safe judgement-free space concerning sexuality-related concerns.

  • Sexual Health & Development
  • Sexual Functioning / Sexual Dysfunctions: Low sexual desire, erectile dysfunction ect.
  • Sexual and Relational Trauma
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections: How to cope with a diagnosis, communicate to a partner ect. 
  • Pregnancy, Contraception, Abortion Support
  • Sexual Practices and Erotic Skills
  • Sexual Identity/Sexual Orientation
  • Socio-Sexual Norms, Pressures and Stereotypes
  • Dating, Casual Sex and Relational Configurations: Monogamy, Polyamory.
  • BDSM Practices, Sex Work

Book an Appointment

To book an appointment with a Sexologist you must call the Hub.

What To Expect

If you're thinking about meeting with a sexologist for the first time, it can help to know what to expect. 

Your first session

At your first session, you'll be matched with a sexologist who will work with you to better understand the challenges that you're facing. 

Together you'll develop a  personalized goal-directed wellness plan  best suited to your needs. It might include: 

  • One-on-one appointments (either at the Hub or in the community) 

  • Referral to a medical professional (nurse, physician, etc.). 

  • Another form of support 

This clinician will be the point of contact for follow-ups around your wellness plan. 

What might my clinician expect of me?

It's up to you to determine what you want out of a session, but your clinician will expect you to be an honest, active participant, that is open to making changes. 

You'll be expected to work with your clinician to establish goals, put together a wellness plan and be ready to discuss it and re-evaluate it as needed. 

You should also be ready  to talk to your clinician if you have any questions about their treatment approach, or if you feel it's not working.  

How might I feel after?

Your clinician will be supportive and interested, but you should also be prepared for them to challenge you. 

It's normal to leave a session feeling better, but you might also feel tired, upset or like you're not progressing as quickly as you'd hoped. 

Change can be tough, but it's usually positive in the long term. Please talk to your clinician if you have any concerns or questions. 

How many sessions might I have?

Most students find that they get what they need from speaking to a sexologist after a few appointments.

Since McGill offers brief support, your clinician can refer you to resources in the community if you  require or prefer longer-term support. 

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