Pre-admission Advising & Refusal

Pre-admission advising:

  • The School of Social Work does not provide pre-admission advising or assess prospective candidates’ admissibility before submitting the application.
  • It is incumbent upon each prospective candidate to determine if they meet the requirements for admission and then apply accordingly. See .
  • Further questions regarding the application process should be directed to Service Point.
  • All candidates are expected to have better-than-average grades.
  • Preference is given to candidates with significant social work-related experience, paid or volunteer.
  • Preference is also given to candidates who demonstrate personal suitability for the social work profession.

Determining transfer credits before admission:

  • The School of Social Work does not assess prospective candidates’ transcripts for transfer credits prior to an accepted offer of admission.

What to do in the case of a refusal of admission?

  • The School of Social Work does not offer application advising or feedback.
  • Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the BSW degree.
  • Each year, McGill University receives hundreds of applications to the BSW program, many more than we can accommodate. Our BSW is small, with an annual intake of approximately 50-55 students. Our approach to BSW admission is holistic. We truly consider every facet of the submitted application: r-Score or CGPA, extenuating circumstances, letters of reference for social work-related paid or volunteer experience, the “Personal Statement,” and “Analysis of a Social Problem.”
  • Each year, approximately 30 of our offers of admission are derived directly from CEGEP applicants;  the remaining 20 offers of admission are selected from applications from all other categories of admission.
  • Should you believe that an error has been made, there has been a significant change in your circumstances that was not previously noted in your application, or information may have been overlooked when the original decision was made, you may request reconsideration of your admission decision. Please see:
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