Transfer Students & Transfer Credits

Are you eligible for Transfer Credits?

Students admitted to the BSW program as “transfer” students are eligible to receive a maximum of 30 transfer credits from previously completed university courses (except freshman courses). The actual number of transfer credits, for which students are eligible, is determined by Enrolment Services at the point of admission and based on “official” university transcripts only.  Transfer credits for Inter/Intra-Faculty transfer students are determined by the School of Social Work.

There are two categories of “transfer students” admitted to the BSW program: students who transfer into the BSW from other programs or faculties at McGill University; and students who transfer into the BSW program from other universities.

  • Inter/Intra-Faculty Transfer students from McGill University who have not graduated and wish to transfer from another undergraduate program within the Faculty of Arts or other Faculties; If applying from a freshman year (U0), applicants must have completed 24 credits by the end of current winter term
  • Transfer students who have completed or will complete at least one year of studies at another university, or possess a completed degree from another university or from McGill University 


What courses can be considered as transfer credits?

  • Credits that can be considered for transfer are derived from courses already completed (prior to the BSW) at McGill University or at another university, except freshman courses
  • Only courses with a grade of C or better can transfer (from other universities or as Inter/Intra-Faculty Transfer Students, or students with a completed degree from McGill) See:; and for courses taken at other universities, only courses assessed as equivalent to a McGill course can transfer
  • These requirements for transfer credits apply to elective, complementary, and required courses
  • Grades of C- or less, Pass (P), and Satisfactory (S) are not acceptable
  • These credits may be transferred from a completed degree or an incomplete degree
  • Any course taken online with a final grade of C or better are considered for transfer credit but as Electives only, provided equivalency is established; due to the pandemic, it is possible that courses delivered via remote or online formats in winter, spring/summer and fall 2020 and winter 2021 are eligible for transfer credits.

Exclusions to Transfer credits

  • Inter/Intra-faculty transfer students from McGill University admitted to the BSW from the freshman year of a 4-year program must complete any remaining credits of their freshmen year during their first semester of the BSW.
  • The 30 credits that comprise the Freshman year do not count towards the BSW program requirements, and cannot be counted as transfer credits
  • Mature students are not eligible to receive any transfer credits derived from previously completed courses taken at another university or McGill University or from the two prerequisite courses needed as a basis for admission into the BSW program


What is needed to transfer credits?

Once an offer of admission is accepted, students who are accepted from other universities are asked to submit their final, official transcript. This should be done as soon as possible. In order to transfer the credits from courses already completed at another university, prior to the BSW, students will also need to establish that such courses are equivalent to courses offered at McGill University. Students are advised to secure a copy of the actual detailed course outline for the term and year in which the course was taken. For instructions on the transfer credit process, please see the BSW Transfer Credit Equivalence Form at:


Transfer Credits, Courses/Term & GPA

  • Transfer credits do not appear in specific academic terms of study.
  • They function to reduce the total number of credits to complete the BSW program, i.e., when 18 transfer credits are granted, students complete 72 credits for the BSW program
  • Transfer credits for courses taken at another university prior to entering the BSW are indicated on a student’s McGill transcript.
    • The grades received for these courses do not transfer, nor will the grades be included in the calculation of GPA
  • Transfer credits for courses taken at McGill University prior to entering the BSW (students admitted as Inter/Intra-Faculty Transfer or students admitted with a McGill degree) are indicated on a student’s McGill transcript.
    • The credits and grades received for these courses are transferred to the student’s BSW program and are part of the student’s CGPA.
    • Credits and GPA for courses that are not transferred are excluded from the student’s record.



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