Joint McGill/UdeM/UQAM PhD Program in Social Work

The School of Social Work offers a dynamic and personalized Joint PhD program in social work/social policy that promotes the development of leading scholarship on social issues in Quebec, Canada, and internationally.

Program Objectives

  • Prepare graduates for careers in university teaching and research, policy development, social services leadership and management;

  • Offer students the opportunity to acquire advanced analytic and research skills and to apply these to a range of areas relevant to social work, including direct practice, theory and policy;

  • Generate original research on important social problems and issues that have the capacity to inform social work knowledge and practice.

Program Description

Students engage in small-course seminars designed to explore the leading edge of social work theory and practice, public policy, and research methodologies. Students also conduct their own research, supported by their faculty supervisor and Doctoral Committee. There are many opportunities to be involved in faculty research projects and sessional teaching.

The program is 90 credits:

  • 15 course credits (five 3 credit courses)
  • 75 credits for the Comprehensive Examination and the Dissertation Project.

Courses are offered in English at McGill. A parallel stream is offered in French at Université de Montréal and at UQAM. Students have the option of taking courses at either of the universities.

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Program Duration

McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Regulations prescribe time limitations for degree completion. Please see McGill Graduate Student Time Limitations for more information.

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