Doctoral Committee

The Doctoral Committee oversees the progress of the student through Comprehensive Exam and the Dissertation Project.

A student's Doctoral Committee consists of three members:

  • a maximum of 2 eligible faculty members from Social Work at McGill and/or Université de Montréal and/or UQAM (this includes the dissertation supervisor) and;
  • one external member (either from another social work department or other discipline if appropriate).

If problems arise in the selecting of the committee, the matter is brought to the Joint PhD Program Director.

 PhD Committee Membership Form


Proposed Timeline of Committee Formation and Comprehensive Exams


Student is accepted into PhD Program
September Student begins program by registering in Coursework. Students should begin thinking about research directions and proposal. 
January Students will being to form Doctoral Committee
Mid-April Doctoral Committee is formed
Mid-May Student submits 5-10 Comprehensive Exam Proposal to Doctoral Committee and receives feedback
May-June Student may meet with Committee to discuss proposal
early June Student receives approval of questions for the written component of the Comprehensive Exam and can begin writing
early September Student submits draft for review
early October Doctoral Committee provides feedback on draft
early November Student submits final written component of the Comprehensive Exam
end of November

Doctoral committee provides assessment of the written exam.

  Pass: Student moves on to Oral Defense component of Comprehensive Exam Fail: Student must resubmit within 3 months
T.B.D Oral Defense Dependent on outcome. See Comprehensive Exam for more information.
Upon successful completion of the Comprehensive Exams, students can move on to the Dissertation Project.