All required and complementary courses used to fulfil the BSW program requirements must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. Only in an elective course will the grade of D be counted for credit. This policy concerns all courses completed while in the BSW program, not those courses taken prior to entering the BSW program and being transferred into the BSW program.

Failing a required course: If a student does not complete a required course with a C or better, the grade is considered a failure (“D” or “F”, “J” or “KF”). The student must either pass the supplemental examination in the course if this option is available or repeat the course. Course substitution will be allowed only in special cases; students should consult their academic advisor in this case.

Normally, a student is permitted to repeat a failed course only once. To attempt a required course for the third time, a student must appeal to the Associate Dean (Student Affairs) for permission. If permission is denied by the Associate Dean and/or the appeals committee, the student must withdraw from the program.

A failing grade of “D”, “F”, “J” or “KF” does NOT get removed from the student record and CGPA is affected by the grade.


Graduate level students (MScA, MSW, & PhD) are required to obtain a grade of 65% (B-) or better in all of their courses.

Graduate students who receive a failing grade in one required course (a course required by the program or a course designated by the department for an individual student’s program of study) may automatically write one supplemental examination if the departmental policy permits, retake that course, or substitute an equivalent course. A student who receives any other failing grades, including in the supplemental, will be required to withdraw from the program.

This policy does not pertain to comprehensive examinations, doctoral oral defenses, or thesis failures. See Comprehensive Exam for more information. MSW students in the thesis option can also be required to withdraw from the program of study for documented lack of performance in research.

Students can find more information on McGill grading on the Grading and Grade Point Averages website.

For the reread policy, click here.

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