Field Placements

Clinician engaging with clients MSW student Catherine McLaren The School of Social Work Field Placements give students the opportunity to put theory into practice through an immersive experience at an agency or organization on or off campus.

The variety of field placement settings is reflective of the diversity of social work positions available for graduates.

All field placement settings are selected on the ability to provide a quality learning experience for students.

Field Placements are also referred to as field practicum, stage, internship, field education, field work, or field courses.

Objectives for Field Practice Education

  • Develop practice competence.

  • Prepare students to become self-evaluating, knowledgeable, and competent social workers.

  • Provide students with the experiential opportunity to integrate theory, values,and skills.


Field Placement Courses are not awarded a letter grade; they are evaluated on a Pass/Fail basis.