MSW Program Field Placements

At the graduate MSW level, the focus is on advanced practice. Students will build on their skill base and develop a stronger theoretical and critically reflective approach to practice and research.

MSW Program Field Placements support students in developing skills in areas such as clinical practice, community intervention, administration/policy development, and research methods.

Field Placement Objectives

The focus of the MSW Field Placement is on advanced practice; the placement experience supports students to build on existing skills and develop a strong theoretical and critically reflective approach to practice and research.

Immunization Record and Vaccination For Incoming Students

  • MSW students, along with all students enrolled in applied health and social services professional programs, are expected to provide the university with an up-to-date immunization record and vaccination status.
  • Once admitted into the MSW program, please see the McGill Student Wellness Hub webpage for required immunizations for instructions on submitting documentation related to immunization and vaccination status.
  • All documentation related to immunization and vaccination status are submitted and reviewed by the McGill Student Wellness Hub which provides a private, confidential, and protected portal for medical records.
  • The Wellness Hub reviews documentation from all health and social services professional program incoming students on a rolling basis. To avoid any delays, please upload your immunization and vaccination status documentation as soon as possible. The deadline to do so is September 30th.
  • Failure to submit your completed documents by the specified deadlines may result in your field placement being delayed or cancelled. Please ensure you begin the process as soon as possible, as some immunization requirements take time to complete.
  • The specific School of Social Work standing requirements for immunization can be found at Important Immunization Information for Social Work Students

Field Placement Expectations

  • Students are expected to be functional in French (comprehension, spoken, and written) for the field placement component of the program. Please note that the School of Social Work has a limited number of field placements for students who are not functionally bilingual. Students without proficiency in French will have limited local options and will likely need to complete their field placement in an out-of-province setting in the spring/summer semester. 

  • The Field Placement Coordinator negotiates and organizes the field placements.
  • Students must be prepared to travel at least one hour to the field placement.
  • Students should consider field placement as opportunities to be challenged: to work with unfamiliar populations or issues.
  • The School of Social work cannot guarantee specific placements or locations. 


Field Practice courses are not awarded a letter grade, they are evaluated on a pass/fail basis assigned by the MSW Field Work Coordinator.

Image by Naomi Man in 't Veld .
MSW student Rebecca Pollak at field placement.

Field Placement Options

Students are encouraged to explore organizations and areas of practice that are of interest to them. Students will discuss their interests with the MSW Field Work Coordinator who is responsible for arranging all field placements based on student learning goals, professional goals and interests, previous placement and employment experience, and availability of qualified supervisors.


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