IAM Homecoming Event - 2018

Professors Wanda Gabriel and Nicole Ives posing with traditional faith keeper John Cree from Kanehsatake. This was taken at the BSW Welcome Day where John Cree did the official opening.

2019 IAM Team: Professor Nicole Ives, Professor Wanda Gabriel and PhD student Ben Geboe

The Smudge Ceremony is a cleansing ceremony for our body, mind and spirit. This ceremony is often practiced first thing in the morning, in a meeting, in an event and almost anywhere. The Smudge Ceremony is meant to start your day or your event in a good way. The Smudge Ceremony is facilitated by burning sacred medicine such as Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar and Tobacco in a shell or wooden bowl. The smoke from the burning medicine is what people use to cleanse the energy around the body. We have started to use this ceremony for orientation to start the year off in a good way.

Indigenous Access McGill

Indigenous Access McGill

Indigenous Access McGill (IAM) is a support program for First Nations, Inuit and Métis students in the School of Social Work. Since 2007, IAM has been supporting Indigenous students from recruitment through graduation.

Activities include:

  • Support for applicants during the admissions process and personalized orientation to their program at McGill
  • Mentoring and tutoring on all aspects of studies and dedicated study/meeting space within the School of Social Work
  • Connection to University-level resources (e.g., Indigenous resources, Writing Centre, Office for Students with Disabilities, Health Services, & more)
  • Professional development opportunities (conference participation, workshops)
  • Opportunities for Indigenous students to gather together from across the University (annual retreat, annual IAM student and alumni dinner, social events).

To learn more, please watch a video about IAM: 


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