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The McGill School of Social Work was founded in 1918. Since it opened, with the support of donors and alumni, the School has continued to provide world-class social work education, generate leading research, and strive for social justice in the community, Canada, and internationally. 

Advocacy & Social Justice 

Advocating for communities and populations is an important mandate of the School of Social Work. Advocacy efforts by faculty, lecturers, staff, and students have included: equal rights for First Nations communities; policy changes and reviewing the impacts of legislation on Quebec health, education, and social services; improvements to service provisions for victims of sexual abuse; access to basic services for undocumented migrant workers; and mental health prevention and promotion.


With a diverse and expert team of faculty, lecturers, and staff, the School of Social Work maintains standards of excellence in education. Using classroom and practical experiences, students are encouraged to develop skills and competencies, think critically about their role as helping professionals, understand the ethics of social work practice, and consider effective policy change and implementation.


The McGill School of Social Work is affiliated with many clinics and research centers locally, nationally, and internationally. Faculty have a wide variety of research interests including child welfare, families, violence, sexuality, aging, social theory, social work practice, and methodology.


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The School is engaged in a range of community-based research projects. Theseprojects serve community needs while providing opportunities for students to develop research experience, and for researchers to better understand real-world experiences of social issues.


The School is a member of the International Association of Social Work (IASW) and the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work (CASSW). Several programs at the School are accredited by the Canadian Association for Social Work Education (CASWE).

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