BSW Program Field Placements

The field placements provide opportunities for students to apply theories and skills in a practice setting. Under the supervision of the McGill Field Coordinator and a qualified field supervisor from the agency or organization, students gain practical experience working with diverse communities and populations.


  • At the BSW level, the program aims to provide field experiences to prepare students for the generalist practice of social work.


  • While there are agencies that accept students whose French is limited, choices are restricted if the student is not functionally bilingual (English and French). Some agencies require a high level of French. 
  • Not all agencies offer placements at each academic level.
  • Agency availability is subject to change before students are placed.
  • Students must be prepared to travel at least one hour to the field placement.
  • Students should consider field placement as opportunities to be challenged: to work with unfamiliar populations or issues.
  • Specific course prerequisites may be required for some practice settings.
  • Students are not permitted to do their field placement in an agency/setting in which they have previous work experience.
  • The School of Social work cannot guarantee specific placements or locations.
  • Students must work with the Field Placement Coordinator throughout the placement process.